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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: ECK Healings / More Unfulfilled Promises

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  • ewickings@aol.com
    In a message dated 3/23/2006 1:59:28 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, ... delusion there is only the harshness of unfulfilled reality, except, for those higher
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 23, 2006
      In a message dated 3/23/2006 1:59:28 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, prometheus_973@... writes:
      >It seems that Mental Delusion is the Key to Eckankar! Without
      delusion there is only the harshness of unfulfilled reality, except,
      for those higher initiation numbers... BUT how do they really help
      except as a crutch! Eckankar may not be as bad as some religious
      cults and scams, BUT it still traps Soul and damages (to varying
      degrees) the individual, families, and relationships! Those wasted
      years of time, energy, money, and hope are difficult to gain back if
      at all!

      >Yes, where is the healing for Liz's mother who is a High
      Initiate and who works at the ESC! She has seen and spoken to Klemp
      (the LEM/Mahanta) and has shaken his hand at times when he visited
      the ESC and at special Temple events for H.I.s or staff members. She
      has had the "gaze of the master" and the outer Darshan, as well as,
      the inner Darshan (since she is a High Initiate). So, where's the
      Mahanta's Healing and Protection for her? It's Not There! Klemp is
      Not a Spiritual Master and has No special powers! He's all talk!
      Eckists see him and other "masters" or angels in dreams, etc.
      because the mind has programmed itself to see them and Soul uses
      what is familiar to communicate with the conscious mind. 

      *** Everything you state Prometheus is true!  My mother has even had special conversations with Joan, Klemp's wife and maybe soon to be elevated FLEM?  For 15 years my Mother has done everything expected of her as an HI, Vahana, and most devoted worker at ESC (as they claim). Yet nothing is coming through on the inner or outer for her as to what she should do for her health dilemma. Not once has Harold physically picked up the phone to call her and give her the blessings of the Godman of the Entire Universe Ceremony! Throw a little eck holy water on her, write a letter....  nothing.  Although I have to admit, Peter did call her at the hospital while I was sitting there in her room.  Amazingly he told her she was at the best hospital, and her doctor was the best around.  Did he bless her in the name of the Eck, Sugmad, Klemp the LEM / Mahanta and FLEM?  I have no clue?  Maybe he had a twinge of honesty hit him for the whole 2 minutes it took for him to call, and figured he better just tell her to do what the doctors ordered?  Who knows..... The thing is, my Mother is still waiting. And still thinking something is going to come through so she can make the right choice.  I don't think she could do anything else really.  She already has her Hu cd playing nonstop in her player. She has every corner of her house plastered with Klump's "floating in the clouds" picture.  God how awfully cheesy is that picture anyway!!!   <sticking my finger down my throat>   She does listen to part of what her doctor tells her is recommended, yet she is also combining it with some of those VooDoo drinks and herbs Klump has recommended too.  She won't qualify for a kidney transplant because she won't stay on the required meds for the rest of her life.....  and why waste a good kidney on someone that would take risks such as she does, her 100% trust in the Godman of the Universe. Can you imagine the vahana work she could actually be doing at the dialysis center every other day?  Holy Eck batman....  she could spend 3 hours each day she is hooked up to those machines, and really be a recruit for the eck.  
      >I have to agree with Mish that these delusional, gullible,
      and trusting Eckists do tend to emulate Klemp and hang onto his
      every word regardless of how stupid or contradictory it is! Then
      again, Twitchell did define Paradox as an ASTRAL event and equated
      the Imagination to Lying! LOL!
      *** I'm laughing here Prometheus, yet it is all just so sad!   That reFocus Newsletter article Sharon listed over on ET concerning meditation.  'Meditation is not making you crazy. It is making you aware that you are already crazy.'  
      When I think back on my childhood years before we joined the cult, my mother was very crazy!  I experienced and saw things I never should have!  And if my mother were raising her children in this day and age, she would have been locked up!  Today she makes excuses for her past, claiming it was huge heavy karma being worked out now so she wouldn't have to reincarnate with us!  Plus, let's not forget once you become an HI that gives you the *right* to behave badly by proxy.
      So for me, I have to try to be understanding about her illness (mental and physical) and also attempt to protect myself and my kids from getting pulled into an emotional roller coaster ride all over again with her, and her cult brainwashing!   And YES Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like having a real mother.....  and so I do the very best, to be the best I can for my own children.  :-)
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