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Carved in Stone! - Why No Official Eck Message Board...Fear?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Ingrid, As an Eckist I was always told that Nothing is Written or Carved in Stone! LOL! These Official Unofficial Eckankar Sites have gotten even more
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 22, 2006
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      Hi Ingrid,
      As an Eckist I was always told that Nothing is Written or Carved in
      Stone! LOL! These Official "Unofficial" Eckankar Sites have gotten
      even more meandering, pointless, and redundant over time. It's too
      bad that there can't be a honest discussion of real spiritual topics
      and a truthful (no dogma or PR spin) Q & A for Eckists. Where is
      the "Official" Eckankar Message Board where topics of substance
      could be shared? BUT, that can't happen because it would be too
      limiting as well. And, Eckists would fear reprisal for being too
      honest for what they shared. Klemp speaks to the Reptilian Brain
      when he shames Eckists by calling them "losers." Eckist's thoughts
      and feelings would be held against them for future Initiations if
      they were open and honest. Doubts can never exist much less be
      addressed! To Ridicule - is how Klemp keeps the "losers" quiet!

      Most Eckists will be nicey nice and never question anything because
      questioning shows a lack of spiritual growth. After all, every
      question can be answered on the inner or was not worth asking in the
      first place! LOL! This con/cult method teaches one to become passive
      and accepting of anything and everything said by those standing on
      the pedestals with their higher initiations (BUT Not Higher
      Consciousness!). So, since Harry's control would more than likely
      happen with an Official Eckankar Message Board (as it has on
      the "Unofficial" sites) why hasn't Eckankar started one up anyway?!

      The real reason that Eckankar has Not started up an Official
      Bulletin Board or Message Board is because Klemp does Not want
      Eckists roaming around on the Internet! HK doesn't want anymore
      Eckists seeing these anti-Eckankar sites! However, I think that
      Klemp's fears are unfounded and misdirected. Most Eckists would just
      go to the Official Eckankar Org Site and not go elsewhere to chat.
      The fact that Eckankar has such a sophisticated site and Does Not
      have a Message Board speaks volumes as to the LEM/Mahanta's (Klemp)
      paranoid insecurity and fears! Where's the Online Message Input or
      Inflow to the Org or the Online Message Outflow to Chelas? Klemp,
      apparently, Fears Change!


      ctecvie wrote:

      Hello all,

      I found this on huchat today and found it rather typical for
      Eckists ... One Eckist shared the story about how she asked her
      pupils in class who were the 4 faces on Mt. Rushmore, and then she
      asked the huchatters the question below:

      If you were asked to carve the faces of four people (men or women)
      into a mountain for posterity, who would YOU choose?

      One of the responses was:

      Harold Klemp, Paul Twitchell, Rebazar Tarzs and Albert Einstein :-)
      Better yet, my 4 kids and my husband

      I say: Whew! Why not think immediately about the family members?
      This reminds me of an eckist family where the kids were taught to
      write the names of some of the eck masters before they barely could
      write their own names!

      And, I'm relieved to find at least one really great man among the
      ones she mentioned ... :-)

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