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Those Imaginary ECK Masters--The Mahanta's Mission of Delusion

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Mish, Delusion runs rampant in Eckankar! There are UNKNOWN Eck Masters, IMAGINARY Eck Masters, and then there are the INACCESSIBLE Eck Masters!
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 21, 2006
      Hello Mish,
      Delusion runs rampant in Eckankar! There are "UNKNOWN" Eck
      Masters, "IMAGINARY" Eck Masters, and then there are
      the "INACCESSIBLE" Eck Masters! LOL! REBAZAR TARZS comes to mind
      when thinking of a 500 year old (same physical body) Eck Master who
      is Inaccessible.

      The BIG FLAW with Twitchell's and Klemp's SCAM (Eckankar) is that
      the character of Rebazar is used "as if" he is a FILL-IN LEM/Mahanta
      as needed (Catch-22). When using common sense and simple logic the
      belief in a "LIVING" (500 year old) Eck Master, Rebazar, becomes a
      problem, especially, when he is Inaccessible to All Eckists on the
      Physical Plane!

      However, it seems that Eckists have overlooked this Fact about
      Rebazar! The whole purpose according to ECKANKAR (Radhasoami and
      Sant Mat too) of having a Living Master in the Physical Body is the
      Accessibility vs. the Physical Inaccessibility of a deceased Master!
      So, where is Rebazar?! Rebazar is a LIE! Klemp is really the one and
      only Eck Master Alive and Living on the Physical Plane! No
      Other "Eck Master" is accessible! And, unless an Eckist is at least
      a 10th Initiate they are Not an Eck Master! [Eckankar LexiCon,
      pg.136 "Maulani") Of course, the bigger problem for the Eckist is
      that Klemp is Not a Master either! Rebazar is a phoney and this fact
      makes Klemp a phoney as well! Eckists need to think about this!

      I'll make some more comments to HK below.



      mishmisha wrote:

      From "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," chapter 10, pages 197-198,
      Harold Klemp writes:

      $$$[HK]: "Paul Twitchell came to gather the scattered fragments of
      truth and put them in a single body of teachings. That was his

      *** [Me]: The problem is that Twitch never gave credit to others for
      what he wrote. Instead, like in the Shariyat, Twitchell copied
      another religion's beliefs and used another person's words and lead
      people to think these were his original thoughts or were channeled
      through Rebazar!

      $$$[HK]: "It meant he had to work fast, for after a poisoning in
      Spain it was evident he must soon drop the physical body. The damage
      to it was simply too great."

      *** [Me]: Why did Twitchell allow himself to be poisoned in the
      first place?! The story is that he knew that someone had poisoned
      his food BUT ate it anyway! This sounds like Vanity was involved, or
      was he suicidal due to Gail and Gross having an affair? Anyway,
      Twitch intentionally eating poisoned food goes against the Eck

      $$$[HK]: "He certainly had nothing to gain from continuing, yet the
      Holy Spirit drove him on, to gather these writings in one place."

      *** [Me] Twitchell had Money and Power to gain just as Klemp does!
      Twitchell didn't allow himself to be, supposedly, "poisoned" until a
      year before his death. Eckankar was already in place as a religious
      scam. Actually, I don't think that PT was poisoned! This was just an
      excuse to explain away his health problems due to Karma acquired
      from years of lying. Klemp had picked up on the "sacrifice of health
      for the good of the whole" scam and used this to explain away his
      own poor health. The "EMR" sickness was to keep Eckists off the
      Internet and from seeing David Lane's material and to use his ill
      health as (a sacrifice/love CON) taking on the Karma of his flock.

      $$$[HK]: "As a result, no seeker today need abandon family, job, or
      other responsibilities, or spend money on a personal expedition to
      some far-off, remote sacred location--to the Vatican library, or
      even to India or Tibet. There is no reason to pass one's whole life
      trying to track down the ancient truths revealed to mankind in hopes
      of advancing his own spiritual understanding. The true teachings are
      here and now. In Eckankar."

      ### Mish: Does this mean that Eckists do not need to journey to the
      eck temple in Minneapolis, too? That they don't need to spend money
      and time for such an expedition? : )So Eckists instead of saving
      your money and days off from work for the EWWS, take a real vacation
      instead--go some place warm and sunny, for instance! Have some fun
      while you still can! LOL!

      *** [Me]: Mish makes a good point! With the Internet it is Not
      necessary to travel to far off lands or go to remote libraries in
      search of Truth. One can search the Internet to find the LIES of
      Twitchell and of Eckankar! Yes, why go to CHANHASSEN either! Didn't
      Jesus say that the Kingdom of God is Within! I believe that Klemp
      and probably PT have quoted this. Knowing Twitch he probably has
      Fubbi saying the same thing somewhere in one of his books. LOL!

      $$$[HK]: "Nothing set down in any book can ever be a perfect
      reflection of absolute truth, however."

      ### Mish: So, is Klemp saying that what he has written in this
      book, "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," is not "a perfect reflection of
      absolute truth?" I think so. Throughout this book, Klemp keeps
      writing about using the imagination to find the ECK Masters. All the
      spiritual exercises are centered around one's development and use of
      the creative imagination.

      *** [Me]: Yes, it seems that Klemp is makig a disclaimer! However,
      why does Eckankar make the The Shariyats Books 1&2 their "Holy
      Books" if this is true?! I can now see another CATCH-22! Klemp
      doesn't understand that his words cut both ways! Therefore, Klemp's
      GUIDELINES Do Not reflect "absolute truth" either, and can be
      interpreted loosely or individually since there in No Written Truth
      in the Shariyats of the Lower Planes or in Eckankar's Guidelines!

      From page 117, Klemp instructs the reader in "A Spiritual Exercise
      to Meet Rebazar Tarzs"

      $$$[HK]: "Relax in contemplation with eyes shut. Picture yourself on
      a beach, walking in sand at the ocean's edge. The warm waters dance
      about your feet, and the light ocean spray splashes a refreshing
      coolness on your face. Overhead, silent white gulls sail upon the
      wind. Now breathe in as the waves gently wash toward you. Then, on
      the outgoing breath, sing Rebazar (REE-bah-zahr) softly in rhythm
      with the waves fleeing back to the sea. Do this exercise twenty to
      thirty minutes a day. After you're skilled at it, Rebazar or another
      ECK Master will come and impart the wisdom of God to you."

      ### Mish: Of course, this is all about imagining, creating something
      in your mind--it is brainwashing into believing something imaginary
      is actually real--for instance the eck masters and the belief that
      the mahanta (HK)is "God's elect."

      *** [Me]: THAT'S ODD! Klemp states that after chanting REE-bah-zahr
      that "Rebazar or another ECK Master will come and impart the wisdom
      of God to you." Why would someone other than REBAZAR come? The truth
      is that Klemp, the all Powerful LEM/Mahanta, Can Not control which
      WHO one will see! The mind will usually follow the suggestions and
      influences programmed into it through these brainwashing methods
      using the imagination BUT Not always! This is why Klemp mentions "or
      another ECK Master."

      Klemp further concludes:
      $$$[HK]: "At first you may feel you have met Rebazar or one of the
      ECK Masters only in your imagination. But with time and practice,
      you will find they are real people just like you."

      #### Mish: So once a person has practiced this sort of spiritual
      exercise often and seriously enough, the brainwashing is complete--
      and you will believe that the eck masters are real. It then becomes
      very difficult to break the spell of this self-inflicted
      delusion/belief. The eck will have you then in its power and control!

      *** [Me]: Yes, Eckists are practising Klemp's methods of spiritual
      deception upon themselves and then pass it along to others!

      Klemp concludes on page 199:
      $$$[HK] "Paul Twitchell figured out the key of how to teach others
      to become Co-workers with God. The Spiritual Exercises of ECK as
      taught by the ECK Masters of the Vairagi will provide all the help
      you'll ever need."

      ### Mish: So these imaginary masters are the only help you will ever
      need--this is what Klemp is promising in this book about the eck
      masters. He clearly says they are imaginary but yet he states you
      can learn to believe they are real--through these spiritual
      exercises he offers in the book, you, too, can become delusional
      and crazy enough to think you are more advanced and spiritual than
      other Souls! All because people willingly fall for the lies of the
      scammers who created the teachings of eckankar and those (HK) who
      continue the deception. A more fitting and honest title for Klemp's
      book would be "Those Imaginary ECK Masters!"

      *** [Me]: Klemp sticks his foot in his mouth again! IF Eckists look
      at Twitchell's Eckankar Dictionary and at Klemp's LexiCon they will
      see that Klemp added the new "Co-worker with the Mahanta" definition!
      What this does is slows down the achievement of becoming a "Co-
      worker with God!" Klemp has Not Only slowed down Initiations due to
      the top heavy number of 7ths BUT now he has extended what it takes
      to become a true "Eck Master." 8th and 9th Initiates are Not Eck
      Masters and a 9th Initiate must receive the THIRD STAGE on the
      Physical Plane to complete the Initiation. Therefore, No Eckist
      receives a Higher Initiation on the Inner because it is Not
      Completed until it is finalized on the outer! And, there are No Eck
      Masters other than the LEM or Co-LEM (12th Initiates). The Carrots
      of the Eck Initiation have rotted! There is Nothing left BUT Truth!
      Klemp as a "Godman" is a fraud! Eckankar is a fraud of Twitchell's

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