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"I am well aware of my limitations"--Harold Klemp!

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, All! Prometheus pretty much sums up Klemp s statement from Those Wonderful ECK Masters, page 201, in his previous post here! I guess Harold is reminded
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2006
      Hi, All!

      Prometheus pretty much sums up Klemp's statement from "Those
      Wonderful ECK Masters," page 201, in his previous post here!

      I guess Harold is reminded of his limitations everytime he looks at
      himself in the mirror! He is no healer for sure as signs of his
      failing health is quite evident, and he certainly is no eck master
      in that the aging process they seem to withstand is not working for
      him! Harold is way too frail to really convince the critical viewer
      of eckankar that he is a godman! If he is not a godman, then what is
      he? He's simply human like the rest of us, except he has a scamming
      heart and mentality which is unique to those who have difficulty in
      loving others and being honest. : )

      It would seem that eckists who are ill would understand that no
      healing is coming from the mahanta for them--he can't even help
      himself in this regard.

      As to the electric magnetic resonance poisoning Klemp claims he has
      suffered and in turn has infected many of his followers with--this
      is simply a way to clamp down the mind from exposure to the truth
      about eckankar that has been running around on the Internet! It has
      kept some eckists from their computers and the knowledge that is out
      here. Kind of clever of Klemp and kind of not, because computers
      have become more and more a way of life for many and its usage is
      still growing! I doubt very much that potential future eckists will
      buy into separation from their computers--too primitive for most I'd
      say! So, this is just one more feature of how phoney Klemp and
      eckankar are!

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