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Re: HK Wrote: "I am well aware of my limitations."

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  • mishmisha9
    ... let ... says ... sits ... individual s ... her? ... knowing, ... the ... HAROLD ... Hi, Liz and All! I wanted to pull up this post again, because Liz asked
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 17, 2006
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Elizabeth"
      <ewickings@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Also from page 232: "The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master also has
      > the
      > > ability and the authority to alter an individual's fate."
      > >
      > Hi Mish,
      > Just curious about what else this chapter might say about "The
      > Mahanta, the LEM has the ability and the authority to alter an
      > individual's fate". Could you share a little further on what this
      > section says?
      > Does Klump give himself a way out of this statement, if a healing
      > doesn't take place for example? Does he claim sometimes he has to
      > an individual experience their karma...
      > And another question, is there anything in this book where Klump
      > something about how HI's are like a flock of geese flying in
      > formation. When one HI has a problem, a brave stronger HI will fly
      > out of formation to help the other?
      > Since my mother's health is deteriating as each day passes, she
      > and waits for Harold to heal her from her disease! So if this so
      > called LEM has the ability and the authority to alter an
      > fate, why has it taken him 15 years to even acknowledge and heal
      > (or should I say my mother to acknowledge he isn't that all
      > all powerful Mahanta he proclaims to be.)
      > Quotes from his books such as this, is what keeps some hard core
      > eckist hanging on to, and expecting a healing from the godman of
      > universe. Just another carrot on a string.... WAKE UP PEOPLE,
      > IS A FAKE!!!

      Hi, Liz and All!

      I wanted to pull up this post again, because Liz asked some very
      good questions about healings in eck and how eckists look for help
      from the master! : )

      In the Introduction, page 1, in "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," Klemp
      wrote the following:

      ". . . First of all, who are these ECK Masters? What do they do?
      What about people who've benefited by their help?

      And the really big question: What can they do for you?

      The purpose of this book is to answer these questions. You'll learn
      about the wonderful ECK Masters, who they are, and what they've
      already done for others like you. You'll read the real-life stories
      of people who've received assistance with health issues, personal
      concerns, and even finances. Above all, these ECK Masters hold the
      key to love, wisdom, and spiritual freedom."

      What a sale's pitch, huh? LOL! Harold is suggesting to people that
      their health, personal and financial problems will be helped by the
      ECK Masters and eckankar. How misleading and deceptive is this? No
      wonder your mother, Liz, is looking to the master to heal her! How
      many others are being hurt by these false promises! I'm sure this
      Introduction will lure some unsuspecting readers in--they'll buy the
      book, so it's a win for eckankar money wise, and if the reader
      really buys into the crap, the reader will be signing up for
      membership and writing a nice check with the hopes that he/she, too,
      will benefit from the teachings of eck, as suggested by HK's "humble
      volume" that shines "like a beacon to guide" Souls "to God's secret
      kingdom" . . . yada, yada! : )

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