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Twitchell Plagiarized Circles of Initiations from Adler/Bailey

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  • Gnothe Seauton
    Thanks for the info Liz, I decided to repost this from eckankartruth as well. I wanted this over here for reference. ewickings@aol.com wrote: Repost from
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      Thanks for the info Liz,
      I decided to repost this from eckankartruth as well. I wanted this over here for reference.

      ewickings@... wrote:

      Repost from hu-chat:

      The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book Two, Chapter 12:

      The Circles of ECK Initiations

      1. Acolyte (AH-koh-liet), initiate of the First Circle of ECK,
      spiritual discipline

      - Initiation received in the dream state

      - Not able to leave Eckankar should he/she ever decide to do so

      - Undertaking a course of discipline that enables one to take the path of ECK that will allow the lower emotional and intellectual centers to come into contact with the higher ones

      - Awakening to potential

      2. Arahata (ah-rah-HAH-tah), initiate of the Second Circle of ECK, the teacher

      - The limited consciousness in man comes into the state of decision:
      what road shall the chela take: the left-hand path of black magic, the right-
      hand path of white magic or the center road of the purified Soul

      - Now falls under the principle of conscious evolution through
      conscious action and deeds

      - The teacher who gives the knowledge of ECK to the Acolyte and those
      outside the works

      3. Arhat (AH-rat), initiate of the Third Circle of ECK, the worthy one

      - Must look at past lives to live in the present

      - Comes under the cycle of threes in which every phenomenon, every
      action, every event, every physical and psychological change is the result of an instant action of three forces which come under the Kal Niranjan - the
      positive, the negative, and the neutralizing force

      - Begins the true unfoldment of the consciousness into true spirituality

      4. Chiad (chee-AHD), initiate of the Fourth Circle of ECK, intellect
      or mind

      - The highest initiation of the psychic worlds

      - Evolution of the mind in the results of the power of sensing time, matter, energy, and space - begins to have an insight on all these phenomena
      of nature - all illusions

      - Realization that the five passions of the mind are the enemy that
      must be overcome

      - Gradual rising out of the world of psychic reality

      - Perceptions on consciousness evolve into trust and faith that all will be well

      - Growth of consciousness is frequently accomplished by certain mental
      distresses and also by physical illnesses

      5. Mahdis (MAH-dees), initiate of the Fifth Circle of ECK, the transfiguration

      - Above the psychic worlds in the first of the true worlds of Spirit

      - Old balance is swept away and a new one and truer one must be found

      - The first few weeks or months, the initiate is on trial and attacks upon
      himself must be expected before he settles into the true ways of the Mahdis

      - He who dwells in the Atma Lok has no place to call his home

      - First faces what is known as truth, the Reality of God

      6. Shraddha (SHRAHD-dah), initiate of the Sixth Circle of ECK, the surrender

      - Complete sacrifice and uttermost suffering which is preceded by the way of pain and unhappiness

      - The initiate must lose everything in life that means anything to him and
      sacrifice himself even unto death

      - The initiate can work consciously with the ECK Masters and beings of various planes with intelligence and consciousness of what is taking place

      - Service without complaint

      7. Bhakti (BAHK-tee), initiate of the Seventh Circle of ECK, love and devotion, the Shab

      - World of silence for the forces that have brought him this far are now broken
      apart and gone; has become entirely ECK in principle and spirit

      - Now has the right to choose whether he will pursue the rest of the way on the path of Eckankar

      - The initiate begins to attain direct, conscious experience

      - By self-surrender, the initiate does not resist life, but goes along with it in an active manner

      8. Gyanee (gie-YAH-nee), initiate of the Eighth Circle of ECK, the pure

      - crossroads of eternity

      - Now has the right to choose whether he will sacrifice himself to remain upon earth to help with the progress of humanity or whether he will pass
      onward to the realm of spiritual development outside this planet and into the
      spiritual regions

      - Has now directed his footsteps toward Mastership and can never turn

      - Cannot do anything but obey the wishes of the Mahanta

      - Has become one of the chosen few who will come to the true knowledge of the Sugmad

      9. Maulani (mah-oo-LAH-nee), initiate of the Ninth Circle of ECK, the vanguard

      - Given the power to wield the law, or work with the vibrations governing all
      phases of planetary life

      - Given insight of the spiritual unfoldment which lies inevitably ahead of the
      teaming masses of humanity

      - Sacrifices everything for his fellow ECKists

      10. Adepiseka (ah-deh-pee-SEH-kah), initiate of the Tenth Circle of ECK, the
      accepted disciple

      - Enters into the divine wisdom pool, the true wisdom, the worlds of the true
      nature of Sugmad

      - The ECK is the only part of life worth living

      - Fully understands the three principles of ECK: Soul is eternal; whosoever
      travels the high path of ECK always dwells in the spiritual planes; Soul always lives in the present

      11. Kevalshar (KEHV-ahl-shahr), initiate of the Eleventh Circle of ECK, rebirth

      - World of the unspoken Word, the Voice of Sugmad

      - Rebirth into God-Realization

      - Only the Mahanta can serve as the spiritual guide to lead the initiate into this world

      - Understands Soul exists because of God's love for It

      12. Maharaji (mah-hah-RAH-jee), the Living ECK Master but not the Mahanta

      - The Master who is of the body, but not yet ready to wear the crown

      - It is learned that the ECK is not energy of Itself, but It controls and directs energy in all the worlds of God

      13. Mahanta Maharai (mah-HAHN-tah MAH-hah-rie), initiate of the Thirteenth
      Circle of ECK, the Living ECK Master aware of his relationship to the Mahanta

      14. Mahanta (mah-HAHN-tah), the Living ECK Master, the Vi-Guru, the
      Light Giver


      And the Truth:

      This posting documents a source for several pages Paul plagiarized on the subject of initiations. The amount of plagiarized material is not great, but it cuts to the heart of Eckankar's most sanctimonious claim to superiority over other groups. The source book is THE INITIATIONS OF THE WORLD, by Vera Stanley Adler, first published in 1939. Adler was a student of Alice Bailey. And the initiation descriptions given in Adler's book are her own summary of the initiations as given in the Bailey books. Paul used several of
      Adler's initiation descriptions, mostly word for word, to describe several Eckankar initiations. Harold (in the usual arrogant Eckankar way) tells us in one of his discourses that the Bailey teaching is only a mental path. Yet we see below that the supposed higher world Eck Initiations of the 5th, 6th, 8th, and 9th are described with words and concepts derived from Alice Bailey.
      Hmmm. I guess Paul had to rely on a mental path to come up with descriptions for some of the higher Eckankar initiations.

      The problem (for Eckankar claims to superiority) is that Paul takes Adler's descriptions for initiations of a certain degree, and applies them to Eckankar initiations of a higher degree, as follows:

      Adler initation 3 = Eckankar initiation 5
      Adler initiation 4 = Eckankar initiation 6
      Adler initiation 5 = Eckankar initiation 8
      Adler initiation 6 = Eckankar initiation 9

      I guess this should be called initiation inflation after the idea of grade inflation that plagues weak academic institutions. For those who wish to look up the equivalent Eckankar passages, you will find them in chapter 12 of book two of the Shariyat, which is titled THE CIRCLE OF THE ECK INITIATIONS. Go to chapter 12, and flip to the section of the chapter where Paul writes about the particular initiation (5th, 6th, 8th, or 9th as the case maybe). The plagiarized passages follow.


      The Third Initiation is sometimes known by the name of the Transfiguration. This is because it takes place when the concrete mind has been finally controlled and balanced up with the rest of the personality, making a perfect whole of such a vibration that the light of the soul, the fire of the inner planes, can affect it, can reflect itself upon it and can permanently illuminate it. From this time forth the Initiate is an illuminated man. He knows. He has seen for himself the inner realities and he is consciously in touch with them. He is able to recognize others of his own standard of achievement and higher; he can know understand the type of work that is being done on the inner creative planes, through the use of mind-control, sound and colour. The Initiate has now before him the next step along the Path, that of learning to live as a soul, to understand and control with his own soul the forces of the soul-plane, and to bring his whole equipment under the full control of his Monad, his divine spirit. (Adler, 79)


      The Fourth Initiation can finally be attained only through complete sacrifice and the uttermost suffering. The period preceding it is therefore called the Crucifixion. During it the Initiate must lose everything in life that means anything to him, and sacrifice himself even unto death. Were the beginner upon the Path to know what lies ahead of him he might recoil in dismay. But by the time he has reached the great test his soul is so strong and his character so expanded, his inner knowledge so irradiating and his sense of values so changed, that if he could count the cost ahead he would deem it but a little price to pay. After the Fourth Initiation the Initiate can work consciously with the Devas, and co-operate intelligently and helpfully with his brethren in the hierarchical Lodge. His knowledge of the Plan is ever enlarging, and he sees it extending beyond our solar system. His next task is to contact his own Monad and learn to be and to live as Spirit. (Adler, 80)


      The Adept or Master has now the right to choose whether he will take the two remaining Initiations, making the Seven; whether he will sacrifice himself to remain upon the earth to help with the progress of humanity; or whether he will pass onwards to realms of development outside this planet, and even outside the solar system. (Adler, 80-81)


      If he takes the Sixth Initiation he becomes the Chohan. This gives him the power to wield the law (or work with the vibrations) governing all the phases of Planetary Life. If he takes the Seventh Initiation he may wield the law of our entire solar system. Of course, we cannot understand what this means at our present stage of development; but it may serve to give us a hint of the glorious unfoldment which, it is taught, lies inevitably ahead of striving
      humanity. The Chohans, the Planetary Spirits, the Devas and the Deities, the Adepts and Initiates, are striving upwards upon the Path also; as they graduate to higher positions their places must be filled. It is from the vanguard of achieving humanity that the applicants come forth. Thus we see the tremendously important role which advanced humanity must play in the Cosmic scheme. (Adler, 81)

      ONE OTHER FRAGMENT (which is somewhere in Paul's chapter on initiations)

      No one can take these teachings on trust. They obviously can only be proven by each person for himself. When an aspirant first begins to achieve, it is said that his light shines, the growing spiritual fire within him. This is perceived by those watching and waiting to help uon the inner planes. He is at once taken in charge and taught every night, while asleep, first in the hall of Learning and later in the Hall of Wisdom. This is why it is vitally important
      not to squander the hours meant for sleep. (Adler, 81)


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