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Letters To Gail 3 web link & Circles of Initiation

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  • Gnothe Seauton
    prometheus_973 wrote: Hi All, FYI: This is a forward and repost from EckankarTruth on the Letters to Gail 3 topic with some
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2006
      prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      Hi All,
      FYI: This is a forward and repost from EckankarTruth on the Letters to Gail 3 topic with some comments on circles of initiation.

      Subject: [eckankartruth] Re: Letters To Gail 3 web link

      Hi Sharon,
      Thanks for putting these pages up. I gave my copy of Letters to Gail 3 away years ago. I never did enjoy reading the Letters to Gail series in the first place... kind of dry. I noticed that this copy
      was also edited since Twitch mentions Sudar instead of Kirpal. Just a glance showed me that much of the information, on various religions, came from "The Path of the Masters." Twitch had a knack for making himself into a pseudo expert/master by using other people's research and intellect.

      BTW did you know that page 171 is missing! PT is talking about the Catholic Church on pg. 170.

      I really haven't had time to look it over much since it was a job just printing it all out! I was Not Able to enlarge the print on pages 145-147 BUT was able to enlarge the rest.

      Did you notice that on page 190 there is an asterik next to Dr. John and that on the bottom of page 192 is the notation that this Dr. John was, "One of Gail's early spiritual guides."

      On Initiations: I remember that there used to be Circles of Initiation Workshops at Major Eck Seminars. I know of one in Washington D.C. at a Eck Youth Conference, I think, in the late 1980's. Everyone would go to their own Initiation Circle Workshop. I remember from the 4th Circle Workshop that there were many
      frustrated 4th Initiate Eckists who had been 4ths forever from the way they spoke! LOL! I think that this may have been the reason Klemp did away with these Circle of Initiation Workshops... too much frustration vented! BTW, I also used to stand outside the door of
      the 8th Initiate Workshops just to see how many and who walked in! Interesting!


      "Sharon" <brighttigress wrote:

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, ewickings@ wrote:

      Not sure if this contains the entire book? Haven't had time today to look. 


      Okay - the story on this one - first of all, wow, this morning's "Daily Digest" was really great, a "keeper" with lots of stuff I want to use for the future website, which I hope will be complete & comprehensive enough to answer just about every question anyone has!

      The bravehost site only has a few letters from LTG III. Let me start at the beginning on this one!!

      Back in the 80's, or maybe early 90's, it was announced that LTG III was going out of print so we'd better hurry up and get one before they were all gone. I sort of wondered why they were taking all this spirichul wisdom out of print, but mostly I wanted to get a copy!! My budget just wouldn't allow it, though. Anyway, shortly after that one of my local eckgroup went to a big seminar, said he'd seen LTG III in the booksales room, and reached out for it, but stopped. He said he didn't think he was "ready" for whatever was in it. Well...I sort of wondered about that, since he'd been in the cult for much longer than I'd been!

      So, the book went out of print before I could get it.  Oh - I don't remember exactly without checking, but I think it was around the same time that they'd removed LTG III from the members-only discourses. Oh, they must've done that *before* publishing it in book form for everyone.  Used to wonder about that too, how one
      minute something was only suitable for use as a discourse, and a "high" one - and then suddenly, it was a book that everyone could read.

      Anyway, years later when I got on the internet, I borrowed LTG III from another eckist.  I was *very* underwhelmed, kept the thing for about a year and I don't think I ever finished it.

      Then I started seeing the "anti" stuff, and saw where Gross had said nasty things about Klemp's editing LTG III before publishing it.  And somewhere along the line, I was able to buy a used copy on the

      Then, someone who was there at the time sent me the LTG III letters from the edition that had been printed up but never released by Gross because he'd gotten de-mastered. This person had rescued them from the dumpster. What I'd originally planned to do was check
      these letters against Klemp's edited LTG III to see exactly what editing had been done.

      Well, in the meantime I moved and was dealing with other stuff so I didn't get to it for a couple of years. Then I came across the pages again, decided to put them on the internet - but I'd forgotten that I'd wanted to check them against Klemp's LTG III first! And someone had offered to stick 'em on a new site for me, so that's how the "bravepages" site got there.  And afterwards, Grundie (Cher) at a.r.e. cross-checked them with the book and it turns out that at least some of them *are* in Klemp's edition. And I still haven't
      found the boxes with most of my own eckstuff & books, including my LTG III. They *are* here somewhere!!!  <gg> Anyway, I think I saved the a.r.e. post where Grundie listed the stuff at the bravepages site which *are* in Klemp's version, but Suggie only knows where it is!! (Hey, Grundie, I *know* you're reading here -
      would you mind sending me a copy? I was going to put it at the bravepages site when you wrote it, but didn't get around to it.) 

      The awful thing is, as I'm starting to look at all my boxed & bagged books, I've been getting *so* excited about seeing so many of my beloved old "friends", but I know when everything's unpacked & shelved, I'm going to have to exercise a *lot* of self-discipline to *not* totally immerse myself in my "good" books - quite a few I haven't read yet!! I really need to focus and get the "work" done first.  To be honest, I'm at the point where I'd just as soon not spend any more of my time & energy on this stuff, but I really feel I have a responsibility to fulfill, especially to the many people who've sent me things to get out in public, and to speak for those who for whatever reason can't do it themselves.

      Laughing here, one of the most traumatic moments of my childhood was when I was around 9, and thought I was going fishing with my father & brothers, but at the last minute I wasn't allowed to go - I had to stay home and help my mother with the dishes & housework. As a result, since I've grown up there are *many* times when I say screw the dishes, I'm going fishing!!!! <gg>

      Just one comment on all the "initiation" discussion - you know, for probably my first ten years in the cult, I really believed all that crap about how the initiations were decided upon "on the inner", between "master" and chela.  Well, when I got my pink slip for my 2nd, the letter with it said something like congratulations, you've "mastered" the physical plane!!  And then for the 3rd, they said I'd mastered the "astral" plane!! Well, I just figured this was all
      "inner" stuff I wasn't aware of "in the physical" because I evidently wasn't "ready" to know about all that awesome stuff I was doing "on the inner"!! <gg>  And in the mid-90's, I expressed my "doubts" about the whole initiation thing to an HI - and she told
      me the initiations were based on membership time & computer records. The funny thing was, this HI was frequently asking about my initiation level, etc., and telling me I was right "on schedule" but perhaps a little slower because of the times my membership
      had "lapsed" for a few months or so here & there when I didn't have the money to renew. 

      Another thing I'd "learned" when I joined the cult was that initiation levels weren't supposed to be discussed. So I'd always been surprised about this HI's asking me about mine, and then I started noticing more, like how initiation levels were cited quite often in the Mystic World - heck, they even published a little list of people who'd gotten their initiations together at one seminar - Joan & Marge were on that list!!!  

      Oh, BTW, this was a "newbie" HI who'd been asking me that stuff before getting her 5th, so she probably hadn't started getting those lists yet.

      And you know, I think it's very likely that the cult's membership is NOT as high as 50,000!!! I think that was started years ago as just a totally baseless speculation but it's caught on and people believe it.

      Gotta go, I'm running late here!!



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