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Eckankar: 03/2006 H.I. Letter ... More Hypocrisy, More Manipulation

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp seems to use the Principle of the Threes when he is doing the manipulating, BUT ignores it otherwise! In the 09/2003 H.I. Letter HK never gave thought
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2006
      Klemp seems to use the "Principle of the Threes" when he is doing
      the manipulating, BUT ignores it otherwise! In the 09/2003 H.I.
      Letter HK never gave thought to there being THREE fill-ins or
      Temporary Postal Clerks.

      In this H.I. Letter Klemp begins with a quote from an unknown
      source, "An astute observer once said, 'A man convinced against his
      will is of the same opinion still.' Klemp repeats this quote THREE
      times in this article.

      Klemp also uses "We" eleven times, "Our" six times, "Us" four times,
      and "But" four times on just the first page! The word "Change" is
      used five times in the article. Klemp wants Eckists to "change" the
      way they are presenting the Eck propaganda and Not be so forceful.

      [HK]: "A long time ago in ECKANKAR, a number of members were too
      much the evangelist. They lacked the spiritual discrimination to
      tell who was ready for ECK and who was not. They pushed themselves
      upon people. They played on people's goodwill not to be rude in
      rebuffing them. I hope this wild spirit of evangelism is on the
      wane. There are signs it is... Many ECKists know that a change in
      consciousness is not usually an overnight event. When it is
      appropriate, they will tell others of the ECK teachings. Otherwise,
      they keep still and go about their business. They're living the high
      principle of ECK, to let others enjoy their spiritual beliefs."

      [Me] Well, it does sounds good, BUT Klemp does tend to contradict
      himself doesn't he! No wonder, then, that Eckists are so confused
      and kept off balance! However, it now seems that the Klempster wants
      Eckists to tone it down some, and turn it (the Eck) down a couple of
      notches! LOL! Actually, Klemp makes it sound like "A long time ago"
      wasn't on his watch as LEM/Mahanta, BUT it was! Klemp has been the
      Mahanta In Charge for 25 years, however, he is just now getting
      around to telling his H.I.s to make the "change" and stop with
      being "too much the evangelist!" Incredible, the amount of
      incompetence and vanity coming from Klemp! BUT, Eckists are only
      emulating HK and following the directions or instructions that they
      have been given (sometimes through omission) over the past 25 years
      by the ESC, the RESAs, and Klemp's writings and guidelines!

      Doesn't Klemp ever take responsibility instead of blaming others?! I
      have never seen where he has stepped up to the plate and said that
      it was his fault for not being a better leader or giving clearer
      instructions. Instead it is always someone else's fault. This must
      go back to his childhood too. I know that in his earlier (one-sided)
      writings of his pre-Eckankar experiences of ping-pong matches or
      anything involving work relationships, or whatever, that Klemp never
      took responsibility for screwing up! He was always the misunderstood
      victim of some whacko. Poor little Harry! This lack of empathy and
      his self-centeredness still causes him to be unloving and to play
      the blame game with others. Too bad that HK could never look into
      the mirror and take his own advice! <smile>

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