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The Third Temporary Postal Clerk 09/2003 H.I. Letter

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  • Gnothe Seauton
    Hi All, This is a forward from Sharon s Yahoo site eckankartruth. I was having some trouble finding the story of that THIRD TEMPORARY POSTAL CLERK in the
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      Hi All,
      This is a forward from Sharon's Yahoo site eckankartruth.
      I was having some trouble finding the story of that THIRD TEMPORARY POSTAL CLERK in the 09/2003 H.I. Letter over here on the ESA site so I thought I'd just quote it once more and then comment on it again with another perspective.

      Please note the 180 Degree of Irony! The significance of this whole account points out that Klemp, his Mahanta Consciousness, and the Eck Initiations are phoney! This story was to encourage more and better 'service' from Eckists, BUT does more to point out the flaws!

      [HK]: "Joan went to the post office to conduct some business. The THREE regular postal clerks were on vacation, and THREE fill-ins were in place." [My caps]

      [Me] Now usually the fact that there were "three" fill-ins
      (temporary clerks) would have made most Eckists to sit-up and pay attention! Not so with 9th initiate Joan or with Klemp who is telling the story. HK is so oblivious!

      [HK] "Joan asked one clerk, a SURLY man who'd SERVED her some weeks earlier as a fill-in, to please check IF she had a package. He threw back a DARK look. 'I'll need to see some identification.' Joan returned a PUZZLED look. Show an ID for a package that might not be there?" [My caps]

      [Me] Apparently Joan hasn't heard of The Law of Economy! Why should the clerk go to the back and spend time looking for a package when the customer might not have their ID with them! Instead, ask for the ID first and save yourself and the other customers some time!  

      [HK] "With all the SELF-IMPORTANCE of an UNCIVIL servant, he
      said, 'There are NO NORMAL people here today!' That explained
      everything. It'd been a hard day all around." [My caps]

      [Me] Yes, this was Golden-tongued Wisdom for Joan and for HK because the clerk was more than his appearance suggested. Soul was testing both of them and they failed!

      [HK] "The difference between them is that the clerk holds on to things he feels are out of order, while Joan lets the slights of other people go. She doesn't hang on to a BAD encounter with a person who behaves in a BOORISH manner. She SURRENDERS to the ECK." [My caps]

      [Me] Actually the clerk is a "0" initiate and Joan is a "9th"
      initiate. Also, Joan doesn't "let go" or "surrender" and hangs on to a "bad encounter" or else Klemp would never have been told of the stupid story in the first place! So, that's a big fat lie isn't it! It's incredible that both just can't see that it was all a test for them, or the "three" thing, and the Law of Economy! Klemp is so pissed-off and angry that his future Co-LEM was supposedly disrespected that he just has to use this as a story to promote Eck service! LOL! And, he doesn't cool down and contemplate on this in the days or weeks prior to this going to print!

      [HK] "The Golden-tongued Wisdom had spoken in the clerk's own
      words: 'There are no normal people here today.' He'd then said he couldn't issue a postal money order--a basic post-office SERVICE. Joan, of course, persisted." [My caps]

      {Me] Klemp can't see the forest due to the trees! The "Golden-
      tongued Wisdom" was for Joan and then Harold! Wake-Up! If these two people wern't caught up in their own self-importance and power trips they could see more clearly! For one thing, these are "fill-ins" or temporary clerks and it is very likely that only one was trained on the money order machine and those procedures. Joan and HK are making negative assumptions!

      [HK] "Another clerk was happy to sell her a money order. Let the ECK, or the Mahanta, help carry your frustrations. It's the key to happiness. BUT how to accomplish that? The discipline of remembering to SURRENDER is part of one's spiritual discipline. That's what consciousness is for." [My caps]

      [Me] What a load of crap! When did Joan or HK surrender to the Eck on this issue? Klemp is the Mahanta so how does he "surrender" to himself?! Besides, it must Not work very well! LOL! Instead, HK vented his "frustrations" of this hearsay account, from Joan, and had it printed in the 09/2003 H.I. Letter! HK has a lot of nerve to tell Eckists to trust in the Mahanta after he has just disproved the validity of the Mahanta Consciousness! Amazing!

      [HK] "Let's add, too, that the postal clerk's idea of SERVICE to people goes begging. It's not an example for an ECKist. SERVICE in ECK means being an agent for the Mahanta. It requires RESPECT for others." [My caps]

      [Me] Did Klemp respect this Third Temporary Postal Clerk (Soul)? No, not at all! Yes, this is an "example for an ECKist" that their Mahanta is a clueless phoney. This story and example in Klemp's own words points out, more than any other example that could ever be given, that he is a fraud! The Law of Economy was never recognized by either Joan or by the LEM/Mahanta! The whole account just showed their petty little egos, their disrespect of others, their lack of
      higher consciousness, the power they feel they have over people, and their lack of love and empathy for all other Souls! Another key factor is the time lag because these words could have been reflected upon and changed before the story went to print! Didn't anyone else see the truth?! BUT, Eckists at the ESC can't ever question or edit the LEM/Mahanta can they! Second guessing falls under the Law of Silence! CATCH-22, again! <smile>


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