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Re: A couple of additional points on The Four Zoas

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Kaye and Liz, I ve enjoyed reading your additional two cents! Thanks, Liz, for adding the links. Yes, Klemp knew about the Blake-Four Zoas connection.
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      Hi Kaye and Liz,
      I've enjoyed reading your additional two cents! Thanks, Liz, for
      adding the links. Yes, Klemp knew about the Blake-Four Zoas
      connection. Remember, HK mentioning Blake's obscure "Halls of Los"
      as well?!

      Around 1990 Klemp had devised a method to keep Eckists away from
      their computers and the Internet via EMR (health) complaints. This
      fear tactic continues to work even today! Many Eckists are very
      suggestible and will emulate their Mahanta on every level including
      psycho-somatic illnesses!

      Klemp and Company are very clever at keeping the Lie alive, however,
      Klemp is very unoriginal. This is why Klemp takes a three-pronged
      approach to distort truth and keep Twitchell's Eckankar scam alive:
      1.) He'll give comments on the material already written (plagiarized
      and embellished) by Twitch since he could never "write" a new
      Shariyat; 2.) HK will comment on some past Eck Master to act "as if"
      he has present knowledge of them. This gives validity to the
      delusion that Rebazar was Twitch's master and "steps-in" when
      needed (Catch-22); 3.) HK will use initiate reports and the
      misunderstood or delusional or embellished stories mailed in (or
      told to staff members at seminars) to "prove" that the Eck Masters
      are real, and that there is a real spiritual connection, therefore,
      proving that the Eckankar dogma is truthful too.

      Anyway, it looks like we're having fun pointing out all lies and
      distortions that we were unable to comment on while members of the
      ekult. Funny, how the Son of Sugmad gets as mad as Hell at times!
      Why is that? <smile>


      eyesopen wrote:

      Good Morning everyone!
      I enjoyed your responses and they prompted me to add two more of my

      1) Ekult's four zoas don't and never did exist. The Four Zoas is the
      title of a poem from an 18th century poet. Twitch stole the title and
      used it for an overwhelming list of dos and donts designed to create
      an almost constant state of guilt for being human. Effective control
      technique? Of course it was never meant to apply to him and those in

      2) When twitch started this whole "new/ancient path" he was pretty
      confident that the average person would not know or have the ability
      to discover the obscure sources that he used. Therefore, he was able
      to boldly present this "new spiritual path" and attract followers.

      When gross got lucky and took over the show, there was still little
      chance of the average person having access to the truth. Gross was
      able to increase the number and revenue by using the bogus initiation
      system to stroke the vanity of the membership and keep them

      Klemp saw the scandal and the increasing possiblity for exposure. He
      surely was aware of the LIES. He got rid of gross, in a most
      unloving, unkind, etc., etc. way I must add. He decided to stick
      with the lies and took agressive legal action against anyone who
      wrote books publicly challenging and exposing twitch's lies and
      plagiarism. If your religion is all that you claim it to be them it
      should stand up to some scrutiny shouldn't it? HK also saw a new
      cause for concern-the internet! Information, obscure or not, was now
      available to anyone with a PC and hook-up.

      The initiation game will only go so far. In life, IF anything
      desirable, such as wealth or status (or higher initiation)is gained
      too easily or without merit, the object of desire only enhances what
      you already are. If an initiate is a jerk and not particularly
      spiritual as a fourth initiate (BUT pays their membership fees) then
      they will just be a bigger jerk and no more spiritual as a fifth,
      sixth and on up. There is nothing magic or spiritual about the
      initiations, I've read that a computer keeps track of when they are
      given. So much for the lem/godman being all knowing.

      As Forrest Gump would say, "That's all I have to say about that!"

      Have a good week-end!

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