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  • ctecvie
    Hello Prometheus, ... means ... Eckankar. I sure will! It s good to have such a site to share! ... truth ... The same for me! You know after having lived with
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2005
      Hello Prometheus,

      > Welcome to the site. I hope you will find it interesting and a
      > to share with others some of what you experienced while in

      I sure will! It's good to have such a site to share!
      > Yes, there was (is?) some truth in Eckankar, but for me it was
      > according to what my expectations and needs were at the time.

      The same for me! You know after having lived with my husband for
      some years (and not wanting to have to do anything with Eckankar) I
      found "In my soul I am free" on the shelf. I was so attracted to the
      title that I started to read it, and I read it very quickly! I
      didn't even know first that it was an eck book. Well, now I know
      that Paul's CV was not true - but at that time, for me it was! And
      when I came across Ford's book, I had this same feeling - that it
      was true. Well, this is true for sure - and also meeting exactly my

      > When I
      > think back now, however, I find it difficult to see what truth
      > was in Eckankar. I can see the lies, half-truths, and myths better
      > than I can see this "truth."

      Yes I wonder, too, what was really true in Eckankar ...

      > After all, Twitchell took Radasoami and
      > other beliefs to create his own thing where he in 1969 made
      > himself "Mahanta." Paul even changed the definition of the word in
      > order to place himself in an unreproachful position by being the
      > savior of all saviors!

      I have heard that he wanted to have "Mahatma" at the time, but of
      course he couldn't because this would have been too obvious ... So
      he took the word closest to "Mahatma" and called himself "Mahanta".

      > Since leaving Eckankar my beliefs have changed quite dramatically.
      > This is because I have taken the leap to spiritual freedom (and
      > Mastership) in this here and now rather than hoping to achieve
      > through the future hope/expectation of initiation. Actually, my
      > Mastership now has a greater value and level of consciousness to
      > than what I see is Harold's consciousness as a mahanta and pseudo-
      > master.

      The same for me, it's incredible how my beliefs have changed since I
      left. It's a real relief, and now that I can see Harold as a human
      very clearly, his writings don't mean anything to me any more. Once
      you can see through the mist, it's done and you'll never be the same
      again. :-)

      > As to the pilgrimages of Eckists to their temple... it would seem
      > that Harold has trully created a religion which has imitated other
      > religions. Chanassen is the Mecca, Holy Land, or Vatican of the
      > West! Eckankar is truly a "church" with "worship services,"
      > a "missionary" program and trainings, and "hymns" to sing
      > like "Amazing HU." And yet, most Eckists have no clue about the
      > true "Radasoami" living master roots or the true Twitchell (wanna
      > like L. Ron Hubbard) history of their religion.

      Yes they do everything as any other religion - but they say they
      don't! Like worshipping the master or that the mahanta is a state of
      consciousness and doesn't have anything to do with Harold ... ha! :-
      ) And I must say that I like "Amazing Grace" much better
      than "Amazing HU"! :-) They have so many eck musicians who could
      compose a real eck song - so why did they have to take Amazing
      Grace, I wonder??

      > Yes, I would say that ignorance is truly bliss (for Eckists) and
      > that religion is definately the opiate of the masses.

      If you need it, then you do it ... And, after all, it's good that if
      you want to leave Eckankar, you can still do it rather freely - if
      you can rid yourself of the fear they tried to instill in you.

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