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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Eckankar: 03/2006 The Wisdom Notes #2

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    In a message dated 3/7/2006 5:57:08 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, prometheus_973@yahoo.com writes: Klemp previously discussed health and karma and now goes on to
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      In a message dated 3/7/2006 5:57:08 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, prometheus_973@... writes:
      Klemp previously discussed health and karma and now goes on to health and the environment. His THIRD topic involves negative elements and thoughts... an area where he tends to excel. : )
      ****  You know I find all of the examples Klemp gives his followers pretty old school! Look at any of the other cult leaders and they say the same basic things! Not only does Klemp recycle his old talks and BS, he is also recycling the *prophecies* of other group leaders. Anyone remember one of his comments years ago when he listed the New Year Themes for each upcoming Spiritual New Year, and included that other religions were focusing on similar themes. Yet I believe he took credit for their ideas, since he is the Godman of the universe and these lowly others haven't recognized he has planted those seeds into their consciousness....
      Klemp has listed aging and matters of health, pollutants and the effects on the environment, and quote "To give yourself an edge to better health, get rid of all negative elements in your life that you are aware of. And keep your focus on the good things. As one thinks, so does he become. Thoughts are things. They have the power to build or destroy. Dump the negative music, books, TV, radio, computer games, (HEY wasn't he into games, video arcade games that is!) and he also listed opinions (speak well of all people, at all times)." Yet Klemp calls people LOSERS!!!!   LOL    Remember too, how he takes credit for natural disasters such as Earth Quakes, Hurricanes etc claiming it is the Eckankrap Godman cleaning out an area, or hey don't forget there is a Seminar coming up! 
      What is sad about this is, so many of the followers live and breath every word this guy dishes out. Think about all those HIs that no longer receive discourses.  They live on this bland diet of Mystic World, elementary at best rantings of Klemp's, and lets not forget the HI Newsletter. Come on, are they that hungry that they feel what he is saying is something new, spiritual and enlightening? Recycle, recycle, recycle....  When he should just FLUSH!    Klemp points out *obviously ridiculous* life issues, that anyone with half a brain should already be aware of, and makes it his own Golden Wisdom for the quarterly letters!   
      I enjoy watching the Ellen show, American Idol, House, Bones and a few other distractions to pass the time. Better than Klemps mindless drivel...   (Give me the obnoxious, arrogant dry humor of HOUSE any day!!!!!  I just Love Hugh Laurie)
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