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  • ewickings@aol.com
    ... UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. However, regardless, of Klemp s claim of his own spitting in the face of God, to suggest that this eckist s son needs to spit as well,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2006
      Mish wrote:
      >Klemp's intolerance shows a lack of
      However, regardless, of Klemp's claim of his own spitting in the
      face of God, to suggest that this eckist's son needs to spit as
      well, is really ridiculous! Klemp on the one hand has somewhat
      reassured this mother that it is a natural order of things for her
      son to question and explore other religious options, but he is
      really calling it spitting in the face of God
      ** I think Klemp is really implying that this women's son (and any other families that are experiencing a mass exodus of members leaving the flock) is spitting in *his* face!  I have had a very similar conversation with my own Parent, and now I know where this BS is coming from.  Should have guessed Klemp came out with more BS addressing current underlying issues with the cult in a round about way....
      >I would think this would cause more concern to the eckist parents and would create more
      of a strain in the family. When she mentions that she feels the
      circle of influence is not as strong, she is saying how worried she
      is that her son is being pulled away. Now she sees that her son is
      doing more than that--his rebellious behavior is actually spitting
      in the face of God! That is really serious and really extreme. Nice
      job of reassuring this mother, Harold! LOL!
      ** Just another way to create fear in the chela, parent, grandparent etc....  don't they dare spit in Klemp's face or he will remove his love and protection! 

      >[HK] "The ECK teachings are dear to
      you and your husband because you
      know the darkness of spirit before the Light and Sound comes to the
      crying heart."
      ** What?   Is anyone else wondering what the hell Klemp means by the darkness of spirit before the Light and Sound comes to the crying heart?  Is he saying everyone is in darkness until eckankrap?  YEP  I think so.  Then how does he account for the darkness that still fills many of his members hearts? Of course he isn't accountable for that right, it's the individual's Karma. Then we could go back to that quote from his book  "Those Wonderful Eck Masters", where he has the ability and authority to change the fate of an individual?  So lets ask this question; why can't Klemp keep and protect his members from doubting, questioning and leaving the path? So maybe he isn't all powerful after all, so he calls it spitting in the face of God.  Hey here is another thought for this mother;  As Mish pointed out, what about when Klemp jumped off the bridge, or ran through the Airport Naked? Was he spitting in Sri Darwin Gross the 2nd LEM's face?  AND Maybe this mother's son will become the 4th LEM some day?   

      >[HK] "The ECK teachings come freely to those born into an ECK
      and may not have the painful attraction brought on by suffering, as
      in our own tortuous journey to truth."
      ** What a load of crap! Each individual has their own pain and suffering, joy and smooth journey to truth no matter if they were born into an eck family, or to some other family outside of the cult!  

      -- (MISH) So in truth, those children born into eck families are rather
      born handicapped?
      ** Actually yes and no, but I understand your question.  My own children pointed out to me they felt handicapped being born into the teachings.    I was a pre teen when my family joined, so I was tainted somewhat from the start. My own children on the other hand had no real experiences outside of the cult with other religious faiths. In fact, my now 16 year old had no clue who Jesus was until she entered school. It was during Easter and the teacher was sharing the story of Jesus on the cross, and later being placed in a cave etc.... then  who ever rolled the rock away from the entrance to the cave found Jesus' body was missing. My daughter yelled, "A bear ate him!"  I got a nice phone call that afternoon from the teacher. She didn't find this the least bit amusing, as her other 5 year old students did!  So as my own kids grew up they could see the BS within the teachings, and yet also see other religions are the same way. They all (spiritual teachings / religions) have a fairy tale to tell.
      >But again, I love these words that HK is
      using: "spitting in the face of God," "crying heart," "painful
      attraction brought on by suffering," "our own tortuous journey of
      truth," . . .

      Geez, HK is really into suffering it seems.
      ** A good psychiatrist would be able to explain Klemp's illness and attraction to suffering!
      >Anyway, just read some of those silly eckist stories wherein they share
      about the
      difficulty of finding a parking space or how a temporary postal
      clerk didn't serve them quickly enough--and one will realize how
      exaggerated and silly these eck hardship stories are! Oh, to be an
      eckist and to know so much! LOL!
      ** Here again, if a psychiatrist were to analyze  Klemp and his behavior or reactions to the points you mention, I believe it will reveal the man has a mental disorder! Bi-polar comes to mind....    jumping off a bridge, tearing off his clothing in an airport..... yep I want to follow this guy into the godworlds. When is that next comet due? 

      >[HK] "Despite seeing a seeker's doubt as
      only a small leg of a
      seeker's journey to SUGMAD, I cry too when he turns aside. BUT the
      spiritual law commands it."
      ** This is emotional blackmail brainwashing!  Let's make this poor mother feel more emotional turmoil over her son leaving!  Hell Klemp is crying, and if the Godman is hurt how can this mother not feel a huge heaviness in her heart because her own son has caused this Master to suffer more!  Yet my own parent claims Klemp is the holding vessel for all the pain and suffering of his chela's.  And which spiritual law is he quoting  "Despite seeing a seeker's doubt as only a small leg of a seeker's journey to SUGMAD that the spiritual law commands it"? (Sorry I am getting board with Klump and lost my train of thought! What the hell does he mean by that statement?)

      --(MISH) Yeah, HK is crying too--I doubt this! First and foremost, it
      doesn't really matter to HK what this child is doing right now. His
      family is paying the family membership rate, so no drop in the
      accounts that way. Plus, if this young man is going to doubt the
      teachings, well, he'll become nothing more than a "loser" and HK has
      no time for that sort!
      ** He wants to put more fear in this mother's head, and in turn keeping a paying member!  Yes he doesn't have to worry about the money from the son currently, and if he leaves... well there are many others that will fill in the gap. He will be called a loser, and how many cult bots want to be shunned by the Godman of the universe?  Losers!  OUCH 
      Well, anyway I'm trying to catch up on the messages in this group. So don't mind me if I pop off a comment and it seems pointless after the fact.

      The only difference between an extraordinary life and an ordinary one is the extraordinary pleasures you find in ordinary things. ;)
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