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Re: Eckankar: 03/2006 The Mystic World-Ask the Master #2 of 2

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  • mishmisha9
    ... wrote: [Q] I am feeling such pain over our son s recent sharing that he is questioning his being in ECKANKAR. He says he was raised
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 8, 2006
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      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:

      [Q] "I am feeling such pain over our son's recent sharing that he is
      questioning his being in ECKANKAR. He says he was raised in ECKANKAR
      and hasn't known anything else and is feeling confused. His
      girlfriend is a strong Southern Baptist. I realize he has to make
      his own decision. What is the Law of Love? I need help with this one
      Mahanta, because my heart is breaking. He loves us BUT our circle of
      influence has shrunk. I guess that's the natural order of things--to
      love and let go."

      [HK] "As you so wisely summed up your dilemma with your song: 'the
      natural order of things--to love and let go.' It is so, so hard."

      (MISH) Of course, HK could have compared how his parents' reacted to
      Klemp changing his mind about becoming a Luthern minister while
      still young like this eckist's son and finally dropping out of
      Christianity all together for his chosen spiritual path. Why
      couldn't HK use some of his life experience? Instead, Klemp
      exaggerates this "natural order of things" by stating it is "so
      hard, so hard" to allow this kid his own choices.

      [HK] "Your son needs to SPIT in the face of God, even as I once
      did." [Prometheus' caps]

      (MISH)This statement really gets me! When did Klemp ever spit in the
      face of God??? I don't believe I've read that anywhere. Oh, was it
      when he decided not to become a Luthern minister, or when he quit
      attending church, or when he was so deranged that he jumped off a
      bridge, or maybe when he didn't attend his father's funeral, or when
      he divorced Marge, or when he . . . .? Just when and how did Klemp
      spit in the face of God. Oh, I know, it's when he realized what a
      big fat fake and liar he is and decided to stay the course of his
      charade! LOL!
      If Klemp actually did feel that he did spit in the face of God,
      wouldn't a person have to be extremely angry with God to have done
      that? Wouldn't that person still have anger in his heart, but then
      again doesn't Klemp demonstrate anger from time to time--anger more
      than Unconditional Love? Klemp's intolerance shows a lack of
      However, regardless, of Klemp's claim of his own spitting in the
      face of God, to suggest that this eckist's son needs to spit as
      well, is really ridiculous! Klemp on the one hand has somewhat
      reassured this mother that it is a natural order of things for her
      son to question and explore other religious options, but he is
      really calling it spitting in the face of God--I would think this
      would cause more concern to the eckist parents and would create more
      of a strain in the family. When she mentions that she feels the
      circle of influence is not as strong, she is saying how worried she
      is that her son is being pulled away. Now she sees that her son is
      doing more than that--his rebellious behavior is actually spitting
      in the face of God! That is really serious and really extreme. Nice
      job of reassuring this mother, Harold! LOL!

      [HK] "The ECK teachings are dear to you and your husband because you
      know the darkness of spirit before the Light and Sound comes to the
      crying heart."

      (MISH)Oh, this is really sappy, isn't it! LOL!

      [HK] "The ECK teachings come freely to those born into an ECK family
      and may not have the painful attraction brought on by suffering, as
      in our own tortuous journey to truth."

      (MISH) So in truth, those children born into eck families are rather
      born handicapped? But again, I love these words that HK is
      using: "spitting in the face of God," "crying heart," "painful
      attraction brought on by suffering," "our own tortuous journey of
      truth," . . .

      Geez, HK is really into suffering it seems. The thing is though I
      don't think many eckists have suffered anymore or uniquely than any
      other individuals, inside or out of eckankar. However, I believe
      that eckists are taught to believe that their life prior to coming
      into eckankar has been hell. If an eckist was not abused, suffered
      severe poverty, or some excruciating physical ailment, eckists are
      encouraged to "create" their own hardship stories. HK certainly is a
      good example of these creative heart sob stories! His autobiography
      reveals nothing of extreme hardship or difficulties in growing up.
      It all sounded pretty normal to me, except for HK's perception of
      his rather mundane beginnings in middle America. Anyway, just read
      some of those silly eckist stories wherein they share about the
      difficulty of finding a parking space or how a temporary postal
      clerk didn't serve them quickly enough--and one will realize how
      exaggerated and silly these eck hardship stories are! Oh, to be an
      eckist and to know so much! LOL!

      [HK] "Despite seeing a seeker's doubt as only a small leg of a
      seeker's journey to SUGMAD, I cry too when he turns aside. BUT the
      spiritual law commands it."

      (MISH) Yeah, HK is crying too--I doubt this! First and foremost, it
      doesn't really matter to HK what this child is doing right now. His
      family is paying the family membership rate, so no drop in the
      accounts that way. Plus, if this young man is going to doubt the
      teachings, well, he'll become nothing more than a "loser" and HK has
      no time for that sort!

      [HK] "We love our babies regardless of their humanness. That's why,
      in fact, we love them more."

      (MISH) Sweet, HK! Again, HK has criticized this young Soul. HK is
      saying this child is flawed because he is human! Well, hello, HK,
      you're human too! We're all human! However, I don't think that HK
      loves non-eckists or those eckists who are questioning the teachings
      more. His harsh words belie this.

      [HK] "So my heart and love are with you. Please remember that no one
      is ever lost in ECK. Love is all; it is always."

      (MISH) HK is too shallow to understand what love is and therefore is
      unable to give love. HK is all talk but no show!

      Thanks, Prometheus for sharing the Ask the Master Questions. Always,
      fun to see how Klemp chomps about and muddles things up. It really
      shows that Klemp is losing it more and more--or even moreover
      reveals that he didn't have it to begin with. : )

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