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Eckankar: 03/2006 The Wisdom Notes #1

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  • Gnothe Seauton
    Hello All, In this article Klemp uses three BUTS. He s now using the Principle of Threes when expressing negativity! Only an agent of the Kal would dare use
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2006
      Hello All,
      In this article Klemp uses three BUTS. He's now using the "Principle of Threes" when expressing negativity! Only an agent of the Kal would dare use this level of hypocrisy!
      [HK] "Here are tips on ways to give yourself an edge toward better health should you ever need them. Of course, you'd continue to follow the advice of a trusted health practitioner. There's an irony to my advice. I was doing just that when my body showed a strong reaction to some supplements recommended by a health practitioner. The reaction left me in severe pain. It was painful to bend, lie down, and, especially, to rise from bed."
      [Me]  Yes, there is an "irony" or flaw to Klemp's advice since he has trouble taking care of himself. Why doesn't he use the Eck-Vidya or intuition. Instead, Klemp points out that he is still experiencing action-reaction, cause and effect, or KARMA! Plus, Klemp use the words "my body" instead of "the body." He doesn't also say "my Soul" does he? Seems like Klemp is still very attached! Kind of strange for a "Mahanta" isn't it?!
      [HK] "I'd saddled an unruly bronc. However, once in the saddle, there was little choice BUT to let events run their course. It was indeed a very rough ride! So what was going on?"
      [Me] Ever get the impression that Klemp has a very narrow perspective of life and that it's all about him?! It's like no one else goes through what he goes through. You know, I doubt very much if Klemp has even been on a horse!
      [HK] "Very simply, the ECK was purifying me. This Spirit of Life was lifting me to a higher state of consciousness as fast as I could take Its purifications. Some time before, I'd asked the ECK to take me higher if it was Its will."
      [Me] These comments sound like they are coming from the average Eckist and Not from a 14th Initiate-Mahanta! Something sounds fishy here! Basically, Eckists are being told that the consciousness of  the LEM/Mahanta (Klemp) is no greater than that of the average ECKIST! Now that he has divulged this, however, the spin will come next.
      [HK] "What some ECKists don't understand is that an ECK Master also goes through trying times, even as they themselves do. It keeps him in touch with them and their trials. BUT the driving force behind their trials and his are quite different in nature."
      [Me] See, I knew Klemp would start to back-pedal and spin this! However, does the 500 year old Eck Master Rebazar Tarzs go through the same or similar health problems that his Boss the Mahanta does? It's never been mentioned! It's also interesting to see that Klemp, in first person, claims to be an "ECK Master!" Usually he (and his PR specialists) just talk of how great the LEM/Mahanta is.
      [HK] "Theirs are karma driven while his are not."
      [Me] What a lie! Klemp had previously stated that "the ECK was purifying me." This purification is a result of karma and what SPIRIT does for Soul's benefit!
      I'll post the rest of this in awhile. Klemp comments get even whackier! <chuckle>

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