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Eckankar: 03/2006 The Mystic World-Ask the Master #1

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  • prometheus_973
    [Q] Can you tell me more about the High Initiates in ECKANKAR and why they are called the Brothers of the Leaf? [Me] Well, since Twitch copied Radhasoami it
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2006
      [Q] "Can you tell me more about the High Initiates in ECKANKAR and
      why they are called the Brothers of the Leaf?"

      [Me] Well, since Twitch copied Radhasoami it was clear that only
      males could become the Top Dog. Therefore, (in religion) the concept
      of "Brothers," "Sons," and "Father" is just an extention of the male
      dominated and controlled societies of the world. Yes, women are
      appeased, somewhat, by sainthood and Eck Mastership, however, it is
      just a token ploy. Women make up 50% of the population and are
      represented by what percentage of their own gender in the top
      positions? Look at Congress, the Supreme Court, CEO's, Presidents,
      Popes, Priests, Rabbis, etc. Okay, Eckankar has a lot of female
      RESAs and Joan's a 9th and there are other female 8ths and Kata Daki
      and then there's the so called "mother of all Eck Masters" Simha. My
      point? The name alone "Brothers" indicates that real entry into
      the "Brothers of the Leaf" or into the "Ancient Order of the Vairagi
      Adepts" of 'just men' (pg.222, Eckankar Lexicon) is just an illusion
      for women! Wake up!

      [HK] "The Brothers of the Leaf are mentioned but once in The
      Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. They are the Madhis, those who have reached the
      Fifth Initiation."

      [Me] However, if one would look up the definition of "Mahdis" on
      page 132 of The Eckankar Lexicon one would Not see the "Brothers of
      the Leaf" even mentioned! And, the following is mentioned
      instead, "... often used as a generic term for all High Initiates in
      ECK." Klemp seems to leave this additional information out of his
      answer for some reason.

      [HK] "As the Shariyat says, it is a small band of people with strong
      spiritual ties. And like the Three Musketeers of literary fame, they
      act as one for all and all for one. They are like leaves on the same
      tree, the ECK."

      [Me] Wait a minute! HK said, once, that it was "me for all and all
      for me!" LOL! Anyway, I guess Eckankar has their own
      exclusive "tree." Weren't The Three Musketeers all men?! I have to
      say that old HK really likes to revisit the past! It could be that
      High Initiates might once return to being a "small band of people"
      with strong emotional and delusional ties to the con. Do many
      Eckists know that Twitch had planned, at first, to have only 5

      [HK] "They have a secret internet of communication with each other.
      So they can talk via the inner net."

      [Me] Well, that's one more promise (carrot) that is a lie! This is a
      mass hypnotic technique where a suggestion is used to influence
      one's subconsciousness because Eckists "want" and "need" to have
      even colored (select) experiences and will therefore program their
      minds by giving the suggestion power and permission to influence the
      mind's thought processes. Klemp thinks he is very clever to
      interchange terms like "Internet" and "inner net," however, it just
      makes it just a more clever lie.

      [HK} "A Mahdis can also be said to have turned a new leaf. His view
      of living and of this world underwent a complete transformation at
      the Fifth Initiation. In fact, it's hard for a Mahdis to even
      remember the confused and troubled state of mind he carried before

      [Me] It's hard to remember how it was before because after 15-18
      years of mental BrainWashing the delusion is so complete that only
      some former Eckists can see the truth about how it really is! After
      25-30 years and 6 or 7 Initiations the delusion is overflowing and
      even more difficult for recovery!

      [HK] "And yet, as with everything in a spiritual sense, heaven must
      be rewon everyday. It means that the ECK initiate, even a Mahdis or
      higher, must take heed lest he fall."

      [Me] For one thing, a Mahdis can be "higher" than a Fifth according
      to the definition in HK's Lexicon. However, does this same standard
      of "heaven must be won everyday" also apply to the LEM/Mahanta?
      Apparently it does or else the 972nd LEM/Mahanta Darwin Gross would
      Not have fallen! So, how often has Klemp fallen? When he calls
      Eckists "losers" and attacks "Temporary Postal Clerks" etc., etc.,
      then this indicates that Klemp does fall... and very very far! How
      can Initiations given under a fallen Master (even if temporary) be
      valid during the time of the fall from Grace?! Catch-22... This must
      be when Rebazar steps in! LOL!

      [HK} "More could be said about the Brothers of the Leaf, BUT a true
      understanding of that band occurs when one becomes a member of it.
      Only a Mahdis can understand his new freedoms and joys. Keep on with
      the ECK teachings and your day will come too."

      [Me] Except, it's all delusion and ego! Just look at all of those
      that get the Fifth by keeping up with the yearly paid membership and
      jumping through the hoops of volunteering and attending trainings
      (surrendering your individualism) and keeping your mouth shut (law
      of silence) and making friendships with H.I. Eck Leaders (net
      working). Other than that one does Not have to have a higher
      consciousness to get the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, etc., etc. Klemp is
      just dangling that Initiation Carrot to keep you and your time and
      money in Eckankar forver! There is no escape and no Spiritual
      Freedom and Self Mastery in the Eckankar Cult. One will always be a
      follower... which is fine for most people it would seem. However, is
      that the purpose for Soul in this lifetime... to be a follower? Each
      Soul has to eventually Wake Up to TRUTH and take charge and find
      their own answers outside of religion.

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