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  • Gnothe Seauton
    Hi All, I just thought I d post this over here in case anyone had further comments. prometheus_973 wrote: Hello Kaye, I ve enjoyed
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2006
      Hi All,
      I just thought I'd post this over here in case anyone had further comments.

      prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...> wrote:

      Hello Kaye,
      I've enjoyed your posts very much! Just curious, but who was
      this "regional director" or RESA? It sounds like it could have been Bob Lawton or Don Ginn. The "Hoodoo" sounds more like Voodoo which is how the Mahanta controls Eckists by suggesting WHAT they may or may not experience or think if constant surrender and tunnel vision is Not maintained. Yes, Klemp is Not much of a public figure to model one's Self around. Yet, he seems to want attention since he pays to be listed in Who's Who! Then again, anyone could be listed for a fee! Sometimes, when thinking of Klemp, I will give thanks and say... 'there but by the Grace of God go I.' <smile>


      eyesopen wrote:

      Hello sharon and fellow ex-eckists,

      I left ecult in the fall of 2005 after 15+ years. I was not an active eckist-stricktly books and discourses. I did't attend satsang or seminars after the first year or two. As the years went by I found the discourses increasingly difficult to study and had few results with the spiritual exercises. I decided to go to an eck service and meet some of the eckists. There were less than a dozen of them and they did not appear to be especially spiritual. The service was uninspiring and the participants strained to come up with some stories or words of wisdom that related to the service's spiritual subject. I saw what I was missing all this time. (lol) Everyone was excited because the regional director, an 8th or 9th initiate was to
      lead the next service. The crowd was bigger that month and I
      expected something special. What I observed was a glib talking, energetic man who had nothing much to say. He reminded me of a used car salesman. (no offense to those in that trade) I was disappointed and knew that something was wrong.

      My higher self started to come through more clearly as my doubts about ekult increased. I noticed that the latest e-book had entire sections of old material from previous publications. A tape entitled, "The Law of Returns" featured a rambling klemp with no connection to the subject of the title. I started to question his leadership. I compared klem to the late Pope John Paul II. I saw a brave, loving, compassionate man in John Paul. He faced danger and hardships under the occupations of the Nazis and Communists. He survived an assasiation attempt and met his attacker to forgive him.
      He suffered with Parkinsons but still fulfilled his duties to his church to his death. I was impressed by John Paul's devotion and humility and by the love that he earned from people of all faiths. Then I looked at harold. There was no comparison.

      According to ekult, Jesus Christ was no higher than a 2nd initiate. Let's see- Jesus brought enlightenment to all who would listen (for free). He was a radical in a dangerous time and place. He questioned the authority of the powerful priests and pointed out their hypocracy, greed and their unjust treatment of the poor, sick and powerless. He was hated and killed for his efforts. He also forgave. Again, I looked at harold. He is nothing in comparison. Harold is a weak, coniving, delusional, liar. Read his teachings to see what an
      unforgiving, uncaring man he is as he threatens and bullies his followers. He wants worship, money and free labor from his flock. It would be totally appropriate for joan to become the co-lem. Does anyone remember Jim and Tammy Faye Baker and the PTL Club?

      While watching the movie "The Skeleton Key", I recognized an ekult technique. Hoodoo was used by a character in the film but it only worked if you could make your victim believe in it.

      Some of the ekists started to interfer with me in my dreams. They were angry and told me that the mahanta would not allow my activities, which were happy and peaceful. At this point, I found your website and read everything that I could find. This confirmed my suspicions and I cut ties with ekult immediately. After I mailed my resignation,I received a paper from the esc to sign and explain (optional) my reasons for resigning. I signed without explaining. Surely the godman/lem/mahanta knows all. They then sent me another copy of the mystic world that warned about leaving and all the troubles that befall those who do. It didn't work because I know how HOODOO works. My last dream involving ekult occurred shortly after. In this dream, harold showed me a piece of paper, gave me a good
      frowning, then signed the paper and showed it to me again. Good riddance!! I am much happier since I've left ekult and feel like a burden has been lifted. Don't let harold scare you.

      I hope this helps others as your posts helped me. I can't thank you enough. Thank you for listening.

      free at last!

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