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Eckankar: The Destiny of Denial

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi and welcome back Liz! Yes, the children of the Eck (LOL!) don t really have much of a choice or chance! Many of us, as children, didn t have much/any
    Message 1 of 50 , Feb 28, 2006
      Hi and welcome back Liz!
      Yes, the children of the "Eck" (LOL!) don't really have much of a
      choice or chance! Many of us, as children, didn't have much/any
      choice or chance either when it came to our parents pushing their
      religion upon us. And, those memories and experiences still color
      our lives to varying degrees. Each person has both individual and
      group experiences that seem to center upon religion and
      relationships. Yet, people involved in religion seem to develop
      tunnel vision and don't seem to look at the similarities and similar
      inconsistencies or even the myths that their religion has in common
      with other religions! Religious people (and Eckists) become too self-
      centered, absorbed and aloof to see or to hear clearly. Detachment
      and humility escapes them as they focus on the religious outer
      experience and of being missionaries by giving subjective
      testamonials. The real spiritual purpose of Soul, Self-Mastery, is
      lost on the dogma of any/all religion.

      I also agree with Mish that some former H.I. Eckists still seem to
      have the same negative and narrow minded traits as when they were
      Eckists. This is because many people never learn much of anything in
      life except for: dogma (of Fear, Shame, Guilt, Attachment and
      Mystery), guidelines or rules (and how to get around them), expected
      behaviour (including delusions), and the group's or religious cult's
      (Eck) language, speak or jargon.

      Many people don't really change all that much in any given lifetime!

      Usually change is a typically learned manifestation in outer
      appearance and behiviour which is really just a flexible cultural
      facade that one's ego uses to protect the individual by helping them
      to fit in. It is a survival technique used by joining the group
      illusion in order to eliminate fear (temporarily). An actual
      internalized manifestation of higher consciousness of a Master/Soul
      Realization is seldom experienced by one who has the "follower" and
      group mentality of "reality." However, the Balance of Living in
      the "real" and "unreal" of just the outer (let alone the "inner")
      can become very difficult to negotiate. But... that's what makes it
      all so interesting and fun!


      mishmisha wrote:

      Hello, Liz!
      Welcome back! You have raised some good points in your comments. It
      is really sad that the children become the innocent victims of the
      eckankar scam. Unfortunately, some former eckists think eckankar
      really was not so bad after all and believe "we" former eckists, as
      Fred stated in his post, should have GRATITUDE for the experience--
      it was what "we" needed, such ex-members believe. This is all such
      crap, especially, when we think of children who had no choice but to
      follow their parents into the eck cult! Some former eckists do not
      like the negative discussions and dissections of the eck teachings--
      and look down their noses at those of us who work at sharing our
      experiences and understandings of how the lies and deceptions work
      for eckankar. These former eckists seem to have no concern for
      protecting the public from the on-going vahana work of the zealot
      eckists who are recruiting new members so that they will achieve
      those higher initiations. These former eckists are really arrogant
      to think that they are above this sort of honesty. They remind
      me of those people who walk out a burning building without pausing
      for a moment to warn other people who are going in. There is no
      concern, compassion or responsibility to warn others by sharing what
      they know. The bottom line is they are too busy thinking about
      themselves and only themselves--and are still in a hurry chasing
      after that carrot on a stick. They may be former members, but the
      mindset is still the same. : )


      "Elizabeth" ewickings wrote:

      Fred wrote:
      "There are lessons behind every experience we have. No doubt we had
      experiences while as members of a fraudulent path like Eckankar. Yet
      spirit or our higher selves directed us there. Do you people think
      spirit directed us there just for the fun of it. I don't think so.
      Let us look at the issue from a state of GRATITUDE. We don't have to
      compare Eckankar with slave trade. They don't match. In slave trade
      you are captured and sold whilst in Eckankar you went there
      yourselves after attending some of their programmes and found it
      appealing to you before your registration as a member. Eckists
      did not force us into Eckankar."

      Liz wrote:
      "How about the young children being forced into eckankrap by their

      eckankrap doesn't get my gratitude.... eckankrap was holding me
      back from my true potential! Took me 30 years to figure that one
    • mishmisha9
      ... wrote: This is a comment about the book Those wonderful Eck masters I found on one of the eck groups ... what a different it makes, doesn t
      Message 50 of 50 , Mar 3 3:19 PM
        --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "ctecvie"
        <ctecvie@...> wrote:

        This is a comment about the book "Those wonderful Eck masters" I
        found on one of the eck groups ... what a different it makes,
        doesn't it!! :-)

        (PS but even chelas note that HK doesn't talk much about himself,
        does he! LOL!)


        Before sleep I looked up at the photo's of the ECK Masters on my
        bedroom wall. I then picked up my new ECK book titled "Those
        Wonderful ECK Masters" by Harold Klemp.

        When I first flicked through the pages I thought this book appears
        to be filled with only chela's encounters with the wonderful ECK
        Masters. I was more looking for Sri Harold's wisdom via his own
        heart and experiences. I soon learnt that this book is a wonderful
        mixture of both.

        It is my dream to have an experience with each ECK Master as I walk
        through the pages of this wonderful book.


        Ingrid, it is interesting how receptive and accepting the chelas are
        to the pablum that HK feeds them! LOL! As to finding "Sri Harold's
        wisdom via his own heart and experience," it's not there! It is just
        a bunch of recycling. HK copies once more a bit of his history, but
        there are no real stories of heart coming from him. Rather, he feeds
        off the stories of chelas who imagine experiences with him and
        the "other" eck masters in their dreams. In fact, I plan to write a
        post about what HK says about using one's creative imagination to
        meet these "real" eck masters--seems rather contradictory, but since
        it is HK's wisdom, the chela is more than eager to believe what HK
        writes in this very dumb, brainwashing book! LOL!

        However, it is also interesting that this chela quoted mentions that
        it is his "dream to have an experience with each ECK Master as (he
        walks) through the pages of this wonderful book." I guess he has an
        awareness that it actually would not be possible to have any real
        experiences with these fake eck masters! : )

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