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Eckankar: 12/2005 The Mystic World-Ask the Master #2

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  • prometheus_973
    [Q] I have a strong affinity with one of the other ECK Masters who has helped me many times on the inner. I am thankful for this, but sometimes I get confused
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2006
      [Q] "I have a strong affinity with one of the other ECK Masters who
      has helped me many times on the inner. I am thankful for this, but
      sometimes I get confused about whom I should place my attention on.
      Should it be the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master or this other ECK

      [Me] This is a strange question because every Eckist should know
      that these Eck Masters work under the Mahanta. However, how do
      Eckists know if these Eck Masters appearing to them aren't the
      agents of the Kal in disguise? HUing doesn't really help to sort it
      all out! Of course, I later found out that the Eck Masters appearing
      to me, along with the Mahanta, were actually my higher Self in
      disguise. Klemp, as Twitch did, just takes credit for the way in
      which our minds become programmed and how it processes and censors

      [HK] "True ECK Masters work in harmony with the Mahanta, the Living
      ECK Master. The reason is simple, for they are the ECK."

      [Me] I am SPIRIT too! The LEM/Mahanta (Klemp) is no greater than any
      other Soul! Actually, the LEM/Mahanta is less than Soul because Soul
      exists and these titles are merely Maya (illusion).

      [HK] "The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master often assigns a certain ECK
      Master to work with an ECK chela (spiritual student) during a
      certain phase of the chela's inner unfoldment. The ECK Master is a

      [Me] Klemp just loves mentioning his titles doesn't he! He's really
      into the third person thing in order to appear humble as he boasts
      about himself as the LEM/Mahanta. <smile> It's interesting how Klemp
      dumbs down his comments. Why is the "(spiritual student)" definition
      given for "chela?" Are these Mystic World articles geared for new
      Eckists, or for those who just don't pay attention, or both? Let
      them buy a LexiCon and look up the definition for "chela!" By the
      way, your higher Self (YOU) appearing as an Eck Master, etc. is your

      [HK] "Any numbers of ECK Masters can appear over the span of one's
      lifetime to help ease the way."

      [Me] I agree that over a lifetime one's higher Self will appear in
      various disguises. So, except for the Eck Master/Mahanta trap etc.,
      to bind Soul to another via spiritual dependency, Klemp is almost
      telling the truth!

      [HK] "Accept the blessing of each ECK Master's presence. You'll be
      better off for it."

      [Me] Not really! You'll be more dependent and powerless to change if
      you follow Klemp's suggestions! That's the "simple" purpose behind
      Eckankar! This is a con designed as a religion... which is another
      sort of con! Many Souls that are advanced enough to discard
      orothodox religion, and to look beyond Maya are also advanced enough
      to discover Spiritual Freedom via their own Higher Self! It's not
      easy unless you are in communication with other Souls that are
      equally realized and free. However, the Spiritual Freedom makes up
      for the lack of social contact with the rare few loving and non-
      judgmental Eckists that are still mind-controlled by way of the
      Twitch/Klemp dogma. That's why I still communicate with several
      Eckists. I have hope that they will wake-up to their own Mastership
      of reality in this here and now. This site is to help those with
      questions and doubts and who are sitting on the fence by giving a
      different perspective and analysis of Klemp's Kalistic comments. : )

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