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Eckankar: 12/2005 The Mystic World-Ask the Master

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  • prometheus_973
    These are supposed to be questions from Eck leaders and youth. Of course, the questions from Eck leaders could be from Klemp and Company as they manipulate
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2006
      These are supposed to be questions from Eck leaders and youth. Of
      course, the "questions" from "Eck leaders" could be from Klemp and
      Company as they manipulate the information to fit their agendas.

      [Q] "You write in Wisdom of the Heart, Book 2, p.109, 'The first 12
      year cycle of my spiritual mission, from 1981 to 1993, was to bring
      stability to the ECK movement. It was also a time to lay the
      foundation for the next cycle. The current 12-year cycle in this
      historical phase runs from 1993 through 2005, and its focus is an
      all-important one. The first cycle could be termed the Era of
      Stabilization. The present one: Age of the ECK Missionary.'

      What is the theme for the third 12-year cycle starting in 2005?"

      [Me] Nice question to yourself Mr. Klemp! Did it really take untill
      1993 to bring stabilization to Eckankar? So that means that
      everything is stable now... right!?

      [HK] "You raise an excellent and timely question."

      [Me] I'm sure it was just a coincidence. LOL!

      [HK] "The theme for the third 12-year cycle is A Time for Reaching

      [Me] Wait a minute! Isn't this redundant! "Age of the ECK
      Missionary" and "A Time for Reaching Out" are the same! Can't
      there be a theme like, CONSCIOUSNESS FIVE? Strange, that a religion
      that claims to be the highest teaching has so much focus on
      collecting paying members. And, why can't a chela just be an unpaid
      member for life instead of having to "donate" a membership fee each
      year? This isn't spiritual!

      [HK] "The creative spirit in ECK chelas will awaken to many so-far-
      undreamed-of ways to reach people ready for the wonderful teachings
      of ECK (the Holy Spirit). Wait and see!"

      [Me] It seems that these "wonderful teachings" all have to do with
      the recruitment of more members! Klemp is saying that "The creative
      spirit" is used to "reach people" and Not for inner spiritual
      growth. Most long-time Eckists have paid their dues with years of
      volunteer/vahana work. Now, it seems that the Eck Youth will be
      doing more to bring in new members. And, apparantly the "teachings"
      are lacking when HK feels he has to mention that the Eck is "(the
      Holy Spirit)."

      [HK] "Today's ECK youth will play a big role. They are now receiving
      a good grounding in the fundamentals of ECK and will awaken to new
      possibilities of finding seekers. They will gradually come into
      their own. And they'll prove to be a big help to us."

      [Me] It's too bad that Klemp can't say anything about how the Eck
      youth will be growing spiritually. Instead, they are getting a "good
      grounding" through intros and trainings on "finding seekers" for
      Klemp and Company. Everything is centered upon bringing in more and
      more paying members and increasing material sales and general
      revenue by any means necessary. Where's the spiritual meat? Nowhere!
      It never was outside of OurSelves! We are our own Mahanta! This is
      the True Secret Teaching.

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