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Re: To Mish and Electric on conspiracies

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  • ctecvie
    Hello Electric & Mish, ... eckist ... I have got that impression, too. Eckankar has shaped him thoroughly through his adult life. It s difficult to get that
    Message 1 of 6 , May 17, 2005
      Hello Electric & Mish,

      > > However, since this site (ESA) is basically set up for ex-eckists
      > > and knowing that some ex-eckists who have read Ford Johnson's
      > > book "Confessions of a God Seeker,are now looking to his NSP, it
      > > seems appropriate to discuss some of the conspiracy theory stuff
      > > that is being served up on his sites, and possibly are
      > > misleading "new" ex-eckists. There is a connection for sure, as I
      > > view it.
      > Right. I hear you on the Ford Johnson thing. I feel that he actually
      > believes his own hype. Virtually, all his adult life he was an
      > and still hasn't left that mind set behind when he left eckankar.

      I have got that impression, too. Eckankar has shaped him thoroughly
      through his adult life. It's difficult to get that out of the system.
      And of course as he has gathered a followership - perhaps without
      first intending to do so this mindset is probably being reinforced. I
      am just speculating here.
      > As for his bulletin boards. I did read them for a very short time,
      > stopped reading them many moons ago. I think, probably, the few
      > back then that Betty and Mario, and maybe others, posted about
      > conspiracies, helped me to untangle myself from cult think. Same
      > other things I read elsewhere.

      It helped me, too. So a good thing has come out of that, at least for
      us! :-) Here on ESA, we can voice our concerns about the direction
      Ford's organization takes and everybody who wants to listen can do

      > Ya, I'll probably particpate when I feel the need to respond/say
      > something. But I won't particpate just to be heard. I know you
      > thinking that at all. I'm just making a statement on my
      > level, that's all.

      Good that you are here.

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