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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re:Eckankar continues to write history

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  • Ed Kusi
    Hi Prometheus, Am totally in agreement with your points. I missed the Fubbi/Rebarzar tobacco connection first time. Very interesting. Illusion in confusion,
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 25, 2006
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      Hi Prometheus,
      Am totally in agreement with your points. I missed the Fubbi/Rebarzar tobacco connection first time. Very interesting. Illusion in confusion, thats what its all is.

      prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      Hello Pretu,
      What about the connection Fubbi and Rebazar have with tobacco! It is
      true that three to four hundred years after Columbus stumbled onto
      the New World (or was he misdirected by Rebazar?) that grain,
      cotton, tobacco, etc. were (and are today) heavily exported to
      Europe. However, many these plants and animals were introduced to
      the U.S. from other areas of the world or were developed through
      genetic engineering. And, not until the late 19th or early 20th
      Century was there the technical ability to be a bread basket for the
      world. Besides, this was/is big business and big politics and was/is
      not really a humanitarian mission to feed starving people or to
      provide "protein."

      Therefore, Fubbi and Rebazar helped to promote big business and the
      genocide of the native people. This was done through disease and
      murder, the killing off of their food or "protein" supply (buffalo,
      etc.), and the theft of their land where they also grew corn. Fubbi
      and Rebazar also "helped" introduced the entire world, early on, to
      the addiction and diseases caused by tobacco! Good one boys!

      Shouldn't these Eck Masters take credit for the negative effects of
      their actions and this "inspiration" as well! Klemp seems to leave
      this out of his little distorted stories. Then again, Fubbi and
      Rebazar aren't real in the first place! However, if Eckists do
      believe that these Eck Masters are real... then they need to answer
      for the negativity that they have also created!


      pretujari wrote:

      I did a little check on Columbus and this is what I found.
      Apparently, he had wanted to sail west for a long time, about twenty
      years and have been looking for sponsors for the trip. King
      Ferdinand and his queen Isabella of Spain finally agreed to help
      after they finished with their war with the Mohammedans. As a naval
      adventurer, Columbus was motivated in finding a new route to Asia,
      since the Mohamedan Arabs had shut off the eastward land route.
      Also, Columbus knew about Marco Polo who sailed to China a hundred
      years before, and the riches of the Orient he reported. Columbus
      hoped to sail to India/China for gold and spices. That is why when
      he reached the Bahamas Islands he thought he was close to India, and
      called the natives Indians, giving the region the name of West

      Again, before embarking on his voyages, three of them, he extracted
      an agreement from his sponsors, the king and queen of Spain that he
      be made a governor of any new lands discovered and a share in the
      profits from them. I did not read any indication that Columbus'
      mission was to discover new lands to provide food for malnourished
      Europeans. Perhaps, someone can educate me if after its discovery
      America became the food basket of Europe.
      When Klemp wrote the articles about the tumultous times ahead in
      Eckankar in the time of the 4th LEM I wondered why. The tone of the
      articles was not so much the non-acceptance of the 4th LEM because
      he was not a 'mahanta' as because of something else. Is the trouble
      going to be because the 4th LEM is going to be a female, and
      precisely, Joan? Whatever it is, I foresee interesting things
      happening when the next Eckankar LEM is announced

      mishmisha wrote:
      pretujari wrote:

      Hi Mish,
      I thought Twitch said it was Rebarzar Tarzs who inspired and
      disguised himself as one of Columbus' sailors. The story as you
      pointed out is a myth, and a rehash of what Twitch wrote. The
      Europeans were too weak from lack of proper nutrition that they
      couldn't even do spiritual exercises? What crap is this, for crying
      out loud?! And Eckists are lapping this up?


      In the chapter devoted to Rebazar Tarzs, in "Those Wonderful ECK
      Masters," page 95, HK had this comment about Rebazar's connection
      with Columbus:

      "ECK legend, in fact, has it that Rebazar, along with Fubbi Quantz,
      was involved with the inner guidance of Christopher Columbus."

      Interesting that HK uses the term "legend" in regards to this fable
      he and Twitch have made up! : )

      The excerpt I quoted in my earlier post about Fubbi is actually
      located on page 27 of the book. I believe it is posted with the
      wrong page number in my earlier post. Sorry about that!

      I want to thank Jackie Harriz and Cher on Chela Chat for drawing my
      attention to HK's newest book--I was amused by their comments of
      resonating with HK's "loser" statement. LOL! I really didn't want to
      invest in it, but I am finding it fun to explore. I will have more
      to add later, especially concerning Joan becoming the next L.E.M.!


      P.S. Yes, I agree, it is crap--all crap, "Those Wonderful ECK
      Masters!" People who fall for this book, in particular, have to be
      really so needful that they shut out their gifts of discernment and

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