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A Chela's "Dream" Interview with the Mahanta!

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  • mishmisha9
    From Those Wonderful ECK Masters, pages 235-236, Harold Klemp, the Mahanta/L.E.M. of Eckankar had the following dialogue with one of his chelas while in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2006
      From "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," pages 235-236, Harold Klemp, the
      Mahanta/L.E.M. of Eckankar had the following dialogue with one of
      his chelas while in the dream state (LOL):

      "Joy was a flight attendant for Austrian Airlines. One night the
      Mahanta appeared to her in a dream.

      They were relaxing on a couch before a camera, as if in a broadcast
      studio to do a TV talk show. Joy played the part of an interviewer.
      She and the Master chatted casually over a cup of tea, the Master
      clarifying a few spiritual matters that'd troubled her. The
      atmosphere in the studio was like a day in spring, but soon she
      turned the discussion to an issue of real concern to her. Joy asked
      him about the length of his service as the Living ECK Master. How
      long would he serve in that position? Were there others in training?

      The Master assured her that a few initiates were indeed training for
      leadership in ECK, but no one was ready yet to assume the
      responsibility. It might take several years or many more for the
      first one to complete all the tests. Accordingly, the Master would
      continue for another cycle as the Mahanta, the Living ECK
      Master. . . .

      Even the small circle of candidates for the ECK Mastership had to
      earn their golden spurs."

      So Klemp is saying here that no one is ready to take over the
      Mastership--it "might take several years and many more" before there
      is a new Master! In fact, Klemp says he will be in his position for
      another cycle. The cycles are 3, 12, and 60 years in length. Since
      Klemp says several years, I guess 12 years is the one he is
      referring to in this dream story. He surely would not be planning to
      hang around for 60 more years--LOL--or maybe he is that delusional!

      Anyway, it seems that in this part of Klemp's book, he wants to tell
      the chelas that he has no plans to step down anytime soon, and he is
      also telling those mahanta wannabees like Peter, Doug, and who knows
      who else that they still have a lot of "training" to go through--
      they are a long way from being ready to take over the reins of eck!
      That has to be discouraging for those waiting in the wings, thinking
      they are ready to take flight!

      With this in mind, that Klemp wants to hold on to his position for
      still another cycle, it seems logical that he would want someone
      trusted to assist him in his final years. Who better than Joan? So I
      am invisioning that she will become the L.E.M. while Klemp remains
      the Mahanta. Klemp and his wife really can't trust anyone else in
      the org, can they? Because Klemp would be just as vulnerable and
      disposable as Gross! That is one lesson that those who were around
      for that shake-up have well remembered! Klemp has to protect himself
      now from his leadership group--some of who must be drooling in
      anticipation of taking over his highly exulted position, but Klemp
      vows it will not happen anytime too soon. : )

      However, when HK validates a chela's dream experience (in writing)
      as he has in this inner-communication with the mahanta, he is also
      opening the door to one of these same chelas claiming that they had
      a dream where the mahanta handed them a higher initiation or even
      the Rod of ECK Power! How could HK then say that this dream was not
      correct when he has validated their past inner-communications? : )

      In my next post I will discuss how important those wonderful female
      eck masters are, and why it appears that Joan is being eased into
      becoming an honored member of that group. It is in this book--very
      subtle--but Klemp is easing her into the minds of the chelas as
      being special, just like him! While his writing style is dumbed down
      (to both the public and to the chelas), it is obvious how he tries
      to manipulate in order to maintain his authority! Klemp must think
      he is really a clever boy! LOL!


      p.s. As Prometheus has suggested, I will eventually list the absurd
      comments that Klemp has written as soon as I finish my read of this
      ridiculous book.
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