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Eckankar: Youth in Eck Letter of Light January 2006 #3

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  • prometheus_973
    Questions for the Master... [Notice the use of BUT by Klemp] [Reposted] [Q] With the growing responsibilities I have as a young adult in ECK, I find it is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 19, 2006
      Questions for the Master... [Notice the use of "BUT" by Klemp]


      [Q] "With the growing responsibilities I have as a young adult in
      ECK, I find it is becoming harder and harder to deal with the
      burdens of stress. How can I work with the Mahanta to cope best
      during these challenging times?" --Stressed Out

      [Me] If I was the Mahanta I would tell this young Eckist to step
      back from the Vahana thing for awhile and to enjoy life and to focus
      on their education, relationships, and career goals, and to lighten
      up, be happy and not so serious! Talk to your parents about your
      feelings of stress. Oh, and to keep doing those Spiritual Exercises
      on a daily basis! Gee, I'd make a better Mahanta than Klemp, then
      again, many of us would!

      [HK] "Dear Stressed Out, Remember the saying 'Cease to cherish
      opinions'? It means to give up our ideas as to whether a thing is
      right or wrong. Usually stress comes because of the way we think."

      [Me] Okay, this proves that Klemp has no empathy for others! It
      seems Klemp has a specific message to get out and the "Stressed Out"
      question, therefore, becomes irrelevant, except, to use as a decoy
      in the "Questions" forum. HK is telling these young people Not to
      value their opinions (only Klemp's) and "to give up our (their)
      ideas as to whether a thing is right or wrong." [When Klemp
      uses "our" he really isn't including himself is he?] However, there
      Are things that are Wrong! Being passive is Not participating in
      life and in this field of action! It is throwing away any
      opportunity for growth! This is either a stupid remark or it is
      designed to make these young Eckist into mindless Z-ombies.

      [HK] "Remember, too, there's more stress because you can handle more

      [Me] That's the problem dummy! Klemp isn't listening or he just
      doesn't want to hear this. This young Eckist can't handle the stress
      and that's why he or she is writing to Klemp (the Mahanta)! If this
      young Eckist would follow my advice they'd be better off than
      following Klemp's. This Eckist should step back from the Vahana
      thing and talk to the Local Director or Satsang President or even to
      the RESA about backing off on some of the other local (or
      state/area) responsibilities. Of course, discussing this with their
      parents would be nice... if they too weren't as deaf as Klemp!

      [HK] "So the situation is that you can handle more, BUT you're not."

      [Me] Klemp is soooo unloving and insensitive! HK is trying to push
      this young Eckist over the rim. Doesn't Klemp realize that this
      Eckist can't handle the stress and is desperate to find a solution!
      He is trying to be a good Vahanta and help with the Mahanta's
      mission, as he is told, because this will help others to find the
      true path (Eck) and spiritual freedom. And, as reward for his
      efforts, he'll get those initiations and become God-Realized! LOL!

      This young Eckist is crying out for help and there's no one
      truly listening!

      [HK] "There is a way to ease your burden from your shoulders. Ask
      others for advice. It's a good way to get new ideas, and it'll also
      get you allies."

      [Me] A better way to get the burden off your shoulders for good is
      to dump Eckankar. It seemed like the entire world was lifted from my
      shoulders when I left! It was Incredible!

      So, Klemp is telling this Eckist to "Ask others for advice?" Why
      can't Klemp answer him instead of promoting more missionary work to
      be done. "It's a good way to get new ideas" is all about Vahana or
      missionary work (explorer) isn't it? Sure it is! This is what Klemp
      wants to promote. He doesn't care about the stress this young Eckist
      or any Eckist is going through in order to jump through those
      Initiation and Position (settler) hoops!

      And the comment, "it'll get you allies" is all about Initiations!
      When the ESC computers spit out a name, after the right amount of
      time has passed (longer with each higher initiation), it always
      helps to have Higher Initiate "allies" to give you a good
      recomendation in order to receive that coveted "pink slip."

      [HK] "Our idea about how to deal with a given situation would, no
      doubt, be much easier on us. BUT would it be spiritually better?"

      [Me] In Klemp's second sentence of his reply he says "to give up our
      ideas as to whether a thing is right or wrong" and yet he is now
      saying that having "allies" is the right idea in dealing with a
      given situation... like stress! Is this the Misery Loves Company
      approach? Klemp is still avoiding the real issue that this young
      Eckist has which is, "I find it is becoming harder and harder to
      deal with the burden of stress." Klemp needs his volunteer army to
      sell Eckankar materials and memberships and this is why he doesn't
      suggest that this Eckist take a rest from the Vahana work! However,
      if Klemp told this Eckist to back-off on his responsibilities for
      awhile (which would be the right thing to do) it would also
      encourage others "Stressed Out" to do the same!

      Klemp's reply to this young "Stressed Out" Eckist shouts out how
      selfish and unloving Klemp really is!

      [HK] "Trust the Mahanta. Love him with all your heart, BUT let him
      handle things. By the way, your question is a good one. It will help
      many others who also have a problem dealing with stress."

      [Me] If one is having problems with stress it is obvious that the
      Mahanta is Not handling things! Unless, of course, the real problem
      is always with the Eckists! Eckists are filled with shame and guilt
      for Not being clearer channels of the Eck and of the Mahanta...
      right? It is never Klemp's fault... Catch-22! Get it?! Probably not!

      Anyway, how does this insensitive response of Klemp's help
      others "who also have a problem dealing with stress?" Where are the
      Spiritual Exercises of Eck ever mentioned? Let's face it, just about
      anyone could have done a better job at answering this question than
      Klemp! Doesn't this say volumnes as to the validity of his Mahanta
      Consciousness! Eckankar is a bad joke and scam gone wild!

      Twitchell (that rascal!) is rolling over in his grave with laughter,
      Gross is crying because he blew it, and Klemp is laughing all the
      way to the bank! LOL! I'm laughing only because I finally saw the
      Truth and escaped in time!

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