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Re: Why Eckists do not speak to God directly

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  • prometheus_973
    Basically, Klemp s message to Eckists is to believe anything he tells them. Apparently, his inherited titles of LEM/Mahanta (created by Twitch) proves that
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 19, 2006
      Basically, Klemp's message to Eckists is to believe anything he
      tells them. Apparently, his inherited titles of LEM/Mahanta (created
      by Twitch) proves that he's a "winner" finally, and you aren't! LOL!

      prometheus wrote:

      Hi Pretujari,
      Klemp has instructed Eckists to use "charged words" like "HU" to
      determine if the entity visiting them, on the inner planes, is an
      Eck Master, the Mahanta, or the Kal. However, this method did not
      help Graham Forsyth to avoid the Kal, according to Klemp. Or else,
      this whole technique for idenification is flawed or is just a lie.

      Twitchell claimed to have used "charged words" in his correspondence
      with Kirpal Singh to justify his experiences in his "The Tiger's
      Fang" manuscript.

      Recently Klemp gave an Eck youth a new method for identification. If
      one wakes up "feeling good" about the visit then this was an Eck
      Master or the Mahanta. If one wakes up "feeling bad or dirty" then
      it was the Kal. Of couse this is flawed too since former Eckists and
      others can wake up "feeling good" when they Know it wasn't the
      Mahanta and was Soul who visited them on the inner planes. By
      attaching opinions to one's "good" and "bad" feelings is to take a
      step backwards in consciousness.

      Feelings are Astral and yet this is the criteria that Klemp wants
      Eckists to use. Then again, the Tisra Til is located on the Astral
      Plane and is used in Astral Plane techniques. And, the Tisra Til is
      always used in Eckankar! The Astral Plane is where Eckists are to
      meet the LEM in his Nuri Sarup or Light Body; Astral Body.
      Therefore, it makes sense that Klemp's gave the instruction to
      use "feelings." This, however, raises new questions as to what kind
      of a "master" directs his chelas to the Astral Plane of "feelings."
      Most Eckists are unaware of all of this and trust that what is being
      told to them is for their own "good." Yet, the Kal is a trickster
      and the Klempster is as well!


      pretujari wrote:

      Hi All,
      To a question as to why Eckists do not speak directly to God, Klemp
      proffered this answer:

      You may if you like, of course. Someone is likely to come on
      your call-in line. But how do you know who it is? (Letter of
      Light July 2005)

      With this answer, Klemp displays his ignorance of how the Creator
      orders the Universe through the spiritual laws. In this case, the
      spiritual Law of Attraction, like attracting like. As such, as a
      spark of God, if I call on the name of God, and speak sincerely and
      fervently to God, the response must come from God through one of ITS
      agencies, and no where else. The certainty of the spiritual Law of
      Attraction ensures this. The inner worlds are not a lawless realm.

      By Klemp's answer, how is an Eckist sure who comes on line when
      she/he calls on the mahanta or has an inner experience? How does
      Klemp himself know who comes on his call-in line?

      His criterion in identifying who is on his or an Eckist line is
      simplistic and the logic flawed. For him, if the entity or message
      is singing the praises of the mahanta and endorsing the Eckankar
      teachings, then is is from God. However, if it reveals that he is a
      phony and his org a fraud, then it is a trick of the Kal - even when
      such information checks out to be true.

      Eckankar is Klemp's story and he is sticking to it to the end.

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