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Re: Twitchell & Frey similarities-both wrote "A Million Little Lies"

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  • prometheus_973
    Some people (Eckists too) will Hold On to lies if that is what works for them. Others will use any means necessary to recruit new believers and sell their
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 17, 2006
      Some people (Eckists too) will "Hold On" to lies if that is what
      works for them. Others will use any means necessary to recruit new
      believers and sell their lies to those who stop questioning. The
      more (fools) the merrier! And, those "spiritual" testamonials are
      proof that Eckankar and "Those Wonderful Eck Masters" are valid and
      real right?! Just overlook the fact that people in every other
      religion on the planet are having similar experiences and Not with
      Eck Masters or via the Mahanta!

      I saw another similarity with Eckankar and Frey. Both tried to use
      fear and threats of legal action to prevent the truth from coming
      out. Millions of dollars are at stake! Yes, Twitchell had a "Fiction
      Addiction" just as Frey does, as well as, Klemp. Most of Klemp's
      fiction, however, comes from Paul and what Gail Twitchell handed
      down to him through Gross. Klemp's delusional state of mind and the
      money rolling in helps him to continue the scam and to remain Top
      Dog. The discernment of truth is part of the weeding out process in
      Klemp's "sound proof dark room" and mushroom fields of Eckists.
      Those Eckists who find the Truth are "weeded out!"


      mishmisha wrote:
      prometheus wrote:

      Anyway, I thought people might be interested seeing how lies are
      seen as truth to those who want and need to believe in something..
      even in those "higher spiritual truths" that people like Twitchell
      and Klemp sell to us.


      Oprah in saying that this controversary about the lies contained in
      James Frey's book "A Million Little Pieces," is "much ado about
      nothing." As a fan of Oprah's, I am truly shocked and disappointed
      that she can so readily overlook these lies that were sold as truth.
      She does seem to hold on to the value of the book, regardless of
      whether it is truth or fiction, because she resonated with it, much
      as so many eckists have with the words of Twitchell and Klemp. It is
      a tenacity to hold on to what feels good to the mind, regardless of
      the fact that it is a con/delusion. Oprah and the fans of Frey's
      book, similar to how eckist continue to support the lies/deceptions
      contained in the eck teachings, further justify that the book has
      helped people. I'm not so certain this is true, because how can
      one really evaluate this--isn't it possible or even probable that
      addicts have been steered in the wrong direction because of Frey's
      story? Will we ever be able to measure its real effects on the
      reader, or will we only be able to assume, much like the assumptions
      that eckists cling to in holding on to their belief in their
      teachings, that Frey's lies do not matter to the reader or society
      in general?

      I suppose if what these liars wrote about actually could be provened
      to harm/kill someone directly, that there would be a different
      opinion or reaction to the revelation of the truth that these
      stories are fabricated. At least, I would hope so. But then again,
      some people are still using phrases like "boys will be boys," "it
      isn't hurting anyone, is it," "it's no big deal," "everybody does
      it," etc. in explaining away the acceptance of lies or at least
      indifference to them. It would be classified as a victimless crime,
      and that is why it is up to the public/readers to maintain the
      integrity of truth in written words and prevent cons from

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