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HK's "loser" statements! When Did Klemp Know It Was All A Lie?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish, Fred, and All, When did Klemp know that Twitch was a liar and had made it all up? When did Klemp discover that Gross was no Master? When did Klemp
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 14, 2006
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      Hi Mish, Fred, and All,
      When did Klemp know that Twitch was a liar and had made it all up?
      When did Klemp discover that Gross was no Master? When did Klemp
      become a liar himself? These are interesting questions that I began
      to ponder once again, and here's what I came up with...

      First, Klemp joined Eckankar, or began receiving discourses,
      somewhere around mid-late 1967 while stationed in Japan. He started
      working for Eckankar in Las Vegas around mid-late 1970. Marge had
      been working there one year earlier. Gross joined Eckankar in 1969.
      Both Klemp and Gross were 2nd Initiates when Twitchell died in
      September of 1971. Gail had the Eckankar Board make Gross a 5th
      Initiate so that he could receive the Rod of Eck Power on
      Twitchell's birthday October 22 (1971). For ten years Gross, the
      LEM/Mahanta spent Eckankar money on a plane, clothes, dinners,
      alcohol, women, property, and on a large salary for himself. Klemp
      was positioning himself with higher initiations, a seat on the Eck
      Literary Council, keeping a low profile, and writing a book "The
      Wind of Change."

      Klemp knew that Gross was no Spiritual Master from his behavior.
      Both HK and Gross figured out that Twitchell had created Eckankar by
      plagarizing, copying, and making embellishments upon the Radhasoami
      religion using "The Path of the Masters" as his blueprint. Klemp
      worked with Doug Marman and others to verify Twitchell's sources
      from his audio tapes and discovered that Kirpal Singh was
      Twitchell's real Master instead of Rebazar Tarzs and that Twitchell
      had made it all up!

      It is true that these people Twitchell, Gross, and Klemp were on a
      spiritual search at one time, however, they became distracted by
      their own egos and the temptations of greed, power, and vanity. They
      decided that, while having a vocation with great perks, they would
      help people by giving them a Westernized version of Radhasoami which
      included the concept of a Living Master. This would be how they
      could rationalize their deceit. They would be giving people what
      other traditional religions could not give them by answering
      spiritual questions with a different twist on Eastern religious
      views. Giving "proof" of Eckankar's validity is used with shared
      delusions and suggestions for the mind to imprint while creating
      dream experiences in a self-fulfilling cycle. The seeker wants to
      believe and the mind will make it happen. Confusion, contradictions,
      and inconsistencies are all overlooked as a sort of "test" for the

      The thing is Klemp knew Gross was no spiritual master or Mahanta
      when he was given the 8th and 9th Initiations by Gross! How then can
      Klemp receive the 12th Initiation by a phoney Mahanta! This is why
      the creation and validity of Rebazar is so important for Twitchell
      and Klemp! Rebazar supposedly stepped in for Twitchell as ? when
      Twitchell died. Was he the fill-in for the LEM? Where was he? Did
      anyone really see him... was he showing up at the ESC? Or, was he a
      fill-in Mahanta? But Twitchell was the Mahanta! Anyway, the story is
      that there is always someone in charge and that there are no gaps in
      leadership... so not to worry or think too much about these things.

      Klemp is just continuing the scam of Twitchell in full awareness
      that it is a scam. He enjoys "playing the game!" HK's finally the
      B.M.O.C.! And, he's giving people hope, faith, and belief in
      something greater than themselves. He gives Eckists a sense of
      purpose, pride, and an explaination for why things are the way they
      are. And, that there is no death to fear if one just believes and
      surrenders all to the Mahanta (Klemp). How simple can it get? How
      easy it is to just put one's trust and life into the hands of one
      who has such a nice smile and such pleasant words to hear!

      The thing that is never told is that there is validity with SPIRIT
      and SOUL, however, these can only truly be experienced and come into
      Being through the freedom of attachments. Belief in a hierarchy of
      Masters or a dependency on a Mahanta, over the Soul, is pure
      attachment, limitation, and illusion. Soul will remain trapped until
      it sees that It is an independent entity!


      mishmish wrote:

      Hi, Fred! And All!

      Welcome to ESA and thank you for your interesting post.

      I was the one who originally posted HK's "loser" comments as written
      in his book "Those Wonderful Eck Masters." To clarify why I bothered
      to post his words, beyond the fact that they reveal how unspiritual
      he is as a leader, an eckist from the ESC had posted the exact quote
      on an eck chat site, stating that the "excerpt lit up for" her and
      in turn Klemp's harsh words as quoted by this person also ignited a
      spark in another eckist who replied:

      ". . . What a wonderful way to start the new year! I just love how
      Sri Harold doesn't waste our time with jockying for a soft
      spot . . . just straight and to the point. This one goes into
      my 'quotes' file! <smiling brightly>"

      So, it is obvious how some eckists are more than ready to copy HK's
      bad and mean-spirited example. As I posted before, in essence, he is
      giving license to those who want to behave cruelly to others, just
      as he does, because after all it is his path to God--oh, my God! : )

      If pointing out these cruel and mean comments by HK wake some
      eckists up to the abuse that is part of the eckankar org, then I
      think this is the compassion that I am offering up here. I don't
      think HK realizes how his "loser" type statements reflect poorly
      upon his image as a spiritual leader, but yet his lack of
      enlightenment in this regard does not mean that he is excused for it
      or that we who recognize it need to keep silent--because exposing
      his cruel comments might spare some eckists from remaining victims
      or others from becoming victims of this delusional master.

      Anyway, love your point of view. And I do believe in compassion
      truly but not at the expense of allowing reckless and cruel
      behavior by HK to go unnoticed or unchallenged. As I point out
      here, two individuals are already resonating with those
      cruel "loser" statements! And so the negativity of HK's words will
      grow within his org and people will be hurt by it. Klemp's loser
      statement and as well as the comments about the postal worker prove
      that HK is not a spiritual leader, and his words are of a lower
      vibratory rate and not worth resonating!

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