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Eckankar: Youth in Eck Letter of Light January 2006 #2

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  • prometheus_973
    Questions for the Master... [Q]: I was looking at an ECK book called Way of the Eternal, and on page 36 it talks about Kal Niranjan. How do you know when the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2006
      Questions for the Master...

      [Q]: "I was looking at an ECK book called Way of the Eternal, and on
      page 36 it talks about Kal Niranjan. How do you know when the
      Mahanta is giving you advice or if it is the Kal Niranjan?" --
      Javier, age 14
      Cuernavaca, Mexico

      [Me]: For one thing the book, "Way of the Eternal," he is speaking
      of is the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book 1, page 36. However, I am curious
      as to what methods Klemp uses to sort out the advice the Mahanta
      gives himself from what Kal gives himself or whether it is all
      wishful thinking, imagination, and hallucination. :-)

      [HK]: "Dear Javier, Let's say you wake in the morning AND you think
      the Mahanta came to you during the night. BUT you wonder, Was it
      really the Kal Niranjan in disguise?"

      [Me]: Well, what does your intuition tell you? What do you think?
      Was it positive or negative? Do you feel comfortable with sharing
      your dreams with your parents? Remember, though, your thoughts and
      dreams are reflections of your beliefs.

      [HK]: "There is an easy way to find out. Did you feel good when you
      woke up or wrong AND dirty?"

      [Me}: What if the Mahanta did Not come to you in your dreams and you
      still wake up "feeling good" and even happy! Maybe it has nothing to
      do with the Mahanta! I wake up feeling happy and I guarantee you
      it's Not because of the Mahanta! LOL! Therefore, just because
      someone is in your dreams and you wake up feeling good that doesn't
      mean that it was the Mahanta! Billions of people (Souls) who are non-
      Eckists will have dreams with different people or entities and will
      wake up feeling good! Who knows what they may think it was due to!
      Eckists are just as delusional and limited in belief as members of
      other religions and yet they can't see the correlations!

      [HK]: "A visit from the Mahanta will leave you feeling full of love
      AND right inside. The Kal makes you feel wrong."

      [Me]: An Eckist might feel "full of love and right inside" until the
      Mahanta calls you a "loser!" When the Mahanta "makes you feel wrong"
      is he now the Kal? Or, was he always the Kal in disguise! I think
      it's interesting that the Mahanta (Klemp) talks about
      Astral "feelings of good" to determine the validity of whether this
      inner visit was from the Mahanta or the Kal! Perhaps, it's because
      the Mahanta and the Kal are one and the same! <smile>

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