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Re: For Klemp Apologists...

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Freefrom, Yes, and if only Eckists could do some research and read The Path of the Masters (1939 copyright) by Julian P. Johnson (a Kentuckian). These
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      Hi Freefrom,
      Yes, and if only Eckists could do some research and read "The Path
      of the Masters" (1939 copyright) by Julian P. Johnson (a
      Kentuckian). These Eckists would then see the true roots of Eckankar
      and understand that these beliefs: in a Living Master; and past
      Masters; the Bani; Satsang; initiation; Truth; the Science of proof
      and of Self; the 5 passions & virtures of the mind; Soul; Self-
      Realization; God-Realization; True and false 'Gurus' and how to
      recognize them; etc., etc.; and most of Twitchell's con (that
      rascal!) comes from Radhasoami (Surat Shabd Yoga)!

      The above (and more) was all mentioned in the just introduction to
      The Path of the Masters. Here's a short quote from page
      XXIX: "Spirituality cannot be taught but caught." Any long time
      Eckist will recognize how familiar these words are. Hmmmmmmm it
      seems that this is yet another spiritual principle that is Not
      exclusive to Eckankar!

      Here's a quote from page 349 that Eckists might recognize as
      well: "A rule laid down by the noble Buddha is a most excellent one
      for all men to follow. He said that if you propose to speak, always
      ask yourself--Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?"

      The problem that Eckists have is that they have blinders on and
      think that their so called "truth" is unique. Unfortunately, this
      delusion expands as their egos expand and protect them from being
      harmed by the reality of real truth. <sigh> Still, that old saying
      of, 'Ignorance is Bliss' becomes apparent when dealing with any
      religion... and Eckankar is a definitely a religion! <smile>


      Freefrom eckchains wrote:

      LOL Alas, we must admit the horrid truth, klemp is but a mere mortal
      and human after all. ;-) AND a derranged human at that!

      Prometheus wrote:

      Klemp apologists see him as having fluctuations in consciousness.
      Apparently, the Living Eck Master has "limitations" whereas the
      Mahanta does not. LOL! [How are they separate?] The apology for
      Klemp is that the outer LEM will sometimes demonstrate "conditional"
      love versus the "unconditional" love that the Mahanta always
      demonstrates. This is the revisited excuse for his shortcomings.

      Still, HK is a 14th (plus) Plane Initiate! How do 8th Initiates
      usually react to people situations and speak of others? Okay, except
      for Joan! [You may want to check out the Shariyat 2 chapter 12 to
      follow along] Now try to imagine how a 9th Initiate would speak of
      fellow Eckists or anyone for that matter! Okay, again, except for
      Joan! Now imagine, if you can, the same for a 10th Initiate! Read
      what the Shariyat says! Wow, we're really getting up there in
      consciousness aren't we!? Consciousness is really expanding now!
      Let's imagine how loving and detached an "11th Initiate" must be...
      cool! Now let's go to the 12th Initiation and that of the LEM! Feel
      the "unconditional" love! Now let's read what a 13th Initiate should
      be like! Wow! Okay, one more to go... now the 14th Initiation!
      Double Wow! This Mahanta person on the Physical Plane must be the
      most evolved of all other humans! Right? NOT! Sorry 'bout that! It's
      all made up and that's why the delusional Klemp can't have empathy
      or be nice, loving, humble, or even smart! It's all cheap talk,
      imagination through suggestion, and a con originated by Twitchell!

      The problem with Klemp isn't because he skipped the 10th, and 11th
      Initiations! Darwin skipped the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th
      Initiations! And Twitchell skipped all but the first (from Kirpal,
      aka Rebazar)! Nope, the problem with Twitchell, Gross, and Klemp is
      that they were/are not real masters. Let's face it, Harry Potter is
      more real than the Mahanta!

      Yes, Harry Potter is more "real" than the Mahanta. He is more
      believeable than Klemp! Eckists want and need to believe and,
      therefore, make excuses for their LEM/Mahanta when he exhibits lower
      levels of consciousness and behavior. I understand this because I've
      been there. I would also make excuses for Klemp to others (both
      Eckists and non-Eckists) and to myself! I had too make excuses and
      rationalize in order to accept the lies and delusion! However, the
      more I looked around at the behavior of other H.I.s and listened to
      their nutty views I realized that something was wrong with the Eck
      Initiations. Eventually I realized that the Initiations were phoney
      and that this was the simple, logical, and finally the obvious
      reason for the contradictions of consciousness. And, this is the
      same excuse used for Klemp! And after all, Klemp has written two
      leadership books that instructs chelas on how to report bad H.I.
      behavior! How does a chela report Klemp's bad behavior? Catch-22!

      Anyway, here's a definition from the Eckankar Lexicon (pg 32) that
      Klemp should really try to remember when he calls chelas
      (Souls) "losers."

      "compassion. That love which gives of itself freely to all and is
      not limited, such as the love of the Living ECK Master for all; to
      suffer with the sufferer. A supreme virture of Eckankar. See also
      ahimsa." [ahimsa can also be found on page 102 of "The Path of the

      So, it seems that the LEM's love is given freely and is "not
      limited" and that he has compassion for all. NOT! LOL! See
      how Klemp always contradicts himself! He can't say "loser" and have
      compassion! And, nothing he says, or is written by him or by
      Twitchell, has any "real" value. The words and writings taught in
      Eckankar is its dogma. Yet, it is also written to not put too much
      value on these words and writings because truth comes from within.
      This is what Twitchell's former religion, Radhasoami, also teaches!
      Why then do Eckists believe so strongly in the words that they are
      told have little value? Is this another paradox? <smile> No, Eckists
      are grasping at straws because Eckankar is no more valid than any
      other religion! Going within does Not require a Mahanta's guidance!

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