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Re: Eckankar: Youth in Eck Letter of Light January 2006 #1

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp s hypocrisy confuses Eckists and keeps their minds muddled, distracted, and off balance. On one hand HK says that he is just like you and me, (Soul?) and
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 9, 2006
      Klemp's hypocrisy confuses Eckists and keeps their minds muddled,
      distracted, and off balance. On one hand HK says that he is just
      like you and me, (Soul?) and on the other hand he claims some
      Eckists are losers while pointing out he's the Mahanta (a "special
      incarnation of the Sugmad)." If he's just like other Eckists then is
      he also like the losers too? I'm always amazed when Klemp, rarely,
      admits he has made mistakes and bad decisions. However, he never
      gives direct or specific examples, even in hindsight, what these
      mistakes and bad decisions were! <sigh>

      I'm wondering if Klemp thinks that his non-Eckist daughter and her
      husband are losers? I just don't understand this guy giving advice
      to young Eckists when he didn't even create a good impression upon
      his own child! And, in 1980 when HK became an 8th Initiate under
      Gross where was his daughter then and how old was she?! Mish makes a
      good point... what are these Eck parents thinking and why aren't
      they doing the parenting?!


      mishmisha wrote:

      In order to appear perfect HK cannot sound real! He can't share
      anything personal, because then he would reveal that he is flawed
      and imperfect just like the rest of us. He has to use other people's
      stories and doesn't relate to them with anything personal from his
      own life, because that would lower him to the human level. Of
      course, once in a while, he slips up and tells something that he
      thinks is clever, like sending back a shirt to a store that he wore
      a couple of times thinking they could clean it, repackage it and
      sell it to someone else. He thought that was pretty funny--but
      anyone who knows anything about retailing knows that shirt would
      have been discarded by the retailer who would sustain a loss and
      debit to the company which in turn would be reflected in higher
      costs in merchandise in order to recover that loss, and in the final
      analysis WE all then would pay for Harold's returned shirt because
      he contributed to the the increase in the price of such goods! LOL!
      Why did he return it? Not because it was damaged, rather because he
      decided he didn't like it after all. It wasn't very honest of him to
      do this--and I can't figure out why he doesn't understand such
      things, like how society works! So giving advice to anyone,
      especially to children as in this example Prometheus has written
      about, is really pathetic and a joke! What are eckists allowing HK
      to teach their children? They give up their parental responsiblities
      by directing them to a delusional so called master!


      Prometheus wrote:

      These "Questions for the Master" show how deluded HK really is!
      FYI: I'll be capitalizing all of HK's "ifs," "ands," and "buts" in
      this article and other ones soon to be reviewed. The reason for this
      will be made known in the near future.

      [Q]: (1) Have you ever made a bad decision? I made a bad decision.
      Here's what happened. I have a best friend, and sometimes she gets
      mad at me, and I get mad back at her. (2) Is that a bad decision?
      (3) How can I make it better? Paige, Age 10

      [HK]: "Dear Paige, I've made plenty of bad decisions."

      [Me]: Such as what Mr. Klemp? You never seem to share these.
      Everything you have ever mentioned was not your fault. You always
      blame others. This is why you show no empathy for people. Name one
      thing that was a bad decision on your part!

      [HK]: "Earth is a garden of sorts, a place for us to learn by
      making mistakes AND learning how to correct them."

      [Me]: Talk is cheap for Klemp. He never tells us about these
      mistakes he has made. Just read his "Autobiography" and you will
      see that he always blames or finds fault with others. Little Harold
      is never at fault! Klemp had an opportunity in his Autobiography to
      add some new insights to this old material and to take
      responsibility for his lack of awareness and growing pains. However,
      he keeps putting his Master-in-training PR spin on things like
      Twitchell did and this prevents him from seeing his humanity and
      that of others. So, once more we have contradictions as Klemp
      negates previous writings by claiming he has made mistakes. Where
      are all of those "bad decisions" mentioned in his writings? I'd like
      to read about them!

      [HK]: "A real mistake is to keep making the same ones over AND
      over again. How come? It means we're not learning. AND it also shows
      we've come to a stop in our spiritual life. BUT also know Paige that
      it's OK. It happens all the time, to everyone. Yes, to everyone!"

      [Me]: Well, it seems that HK is once again implying that even he
      the Mahanta makes mistakes "all the time." Why doesn't Klemp ever
      share what some of these are? Did Jesus ever make mistakes? Just

      [HK]: "Now, about the arguments between you AND your friend. When
      such a thing happens, we like to think that the other, not us is at

      [Me]: Really! I haven't read anything by Klemp where he admits
      that he was at fault for anything ever! Even losing those ping-pong
      matches he wrote about were not his fault! Talk about being
      a "loser!" LOL! Re-read those stories if you don't believe me!
      Really, re-read "Child in the Wilderness," or "Soul Travelers of the
      Far Country" or his so-called Autobiography and look for anything
      where HK admits he made even one mistake or one bad decision. It's
      not there! He talks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time!

      [HK]: "BUT is it so? It's hard to be honest with ourselves. Being
      honest with ourselves is really a hard decision. The idea, though,
      is not to be too hard on ourselves. What's the good in that? So what
      to do?"

      [Me]: Doesn't it seem that Klemp got off track some with this
      kid's questions. Maybe it's a Freudian thing and Klemp is feeling
      kind of guilty and is spilling his guts in his reply to this young
      Eckist. Maybe Klemp is actually being, sort of, honest with himself
      and is sharing this as a way to seem trustworthy, sincere, sensitive
      and very people person like and one of us. Yea, right! LOL! Where
      has Klemp shared any story about having trouble being "honest" with
      himself! I've only read stories of problems caused by other people!

      [HK]: "Open your heart to the ECK AND the Mahanta. Then silently
      sing HU. Try not to say another word. Just listen to your friend AND
      see how the argument plays out."

      [Me]: See how Klemp brainwashes with the Mahanta co-dependency!
      Besides, why shouldn't this young Eckist "say another word?" There
      has to be some response to her friend! As adults we know that
      silence is sometimes used as reprisal to punish another! One cannot
      take this advice on face value or literally. This is a ten year old!

      My advice for this young person is to do more listening than
      talking, to allow her friend to have her opinions, (and for her to
      have hers), and to always see her friend as Soul.

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