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Re: "losers", two faces, etc. - Klemp & Pat Robertson

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  • prometheus_973
    Yes, good points! Klemp (IMO) has arrested development! Do you remember that one Mahanta Transcript story where he was around ten years old and driving a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 6, 2006
      Yes, good points! Klemp (IMO) has arrested development! Do you
      remember that one Mahanta Transcript story where he was around ten
      years old and driving a tractor in the fields to help with harvest.
      The neighbors and other farmers in the area would all come to help
      one another out. There was a very nice and gentle man that little
      Harold had always admired, and he was among the group when they all
      took a break from the hard work being done. The men sat around and
      would drink some beer and joke with one another and little Harold
      was sitting around with them just watching and listening. One of the
      men got up to answer the call of nature and when he left another
      man, as a joke, drank some of his beer. When the man got back the
      man noticed that someone had messed with his beer. The man that
      Harold had looked up to and admired stated that Harold drank the
      man's beer! Well, this was very funny and they all laughed except
      for little Harold. Little Harold was very hurt that he was the
      object of ridicule and that his friend would say such a thing so
      Harold angrily ran off to sob and be alone. The nice man Harold
      admired was concerned about little Harold's hurt feelings and went
      to look for him and did find him, but little Harold wanted nothing
      to do with him. Afterwards, whenever little Harold would see the man
      little Harold would shun or avoid him. This caused the man to feel
      very hurt, however, he was not able to ever reconcile with little
      Harold Klemp. In the Mahanta Transcrips Klemp tells the story
      slightly differently since HK never sees that it was all a test,
      part of his right-of-passage, and something humorous and very human.
      What is interesting is that Klemp (the Mahanta) still maintains the
      hurt from that experience and the disdain for the man he once saw as
      a friend. This story, however, is typical of Klemp because he tends
      to hang on to the past and to past hurts while never taking blame or
      responsibility for mistakes in judgment. Just look at his
      Autobiography for examples of this!

      When Klemp calls questioning chelas "losers" and states that they
      are under the influence of the Kal when they wonder about the slow
      to come initiations Klemp comes across as very unloving. He's the
      Top Dog so what does this jerk have to worry about... except karma.
      Klemp reminds me of some other very nasty religious leaders like
      Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Recently Robertson stated that
      Sharon's stroke was God's will and punishment for the withdrawal by
      Israel from Gaza last year. Robertson is a hard liner and doesn't
      want to see the Moslems to have anything because the Bible states
      that Israel is God's land!

      With religious idiots like Fallwell, Robertson, and Klemp (to
      mention just a few) running around mouthing off it's no wonder that
      people with any common sense turn their backs on organized
      religion! Isn't this why we Truth Seekers left the orothodox
      religions behind in the first place! Let's face it... after awhile
      those higher initiations are the only thing that keep most Eckists
      from leaving Eckankar. All of those years, those trainings, that
      money spent, the status, the sense of belonging to a high spiritual
      order (Brothers of the Leaf), those titles, the respect, the
      promises of more to come, and having a real purpose in life... are
      all tied into the Eck initiations. And, it's all illusion!


      l2eigh wrote:

      This is a quote from an ordinary novel I was reading recently. "Ego
      is the monster that stares into its mirror listening for the sound
      of its name, mouthing the words that will serve it." I thought that
      was pretty tidy. What you say reflects what you see in your mirror.
      People who make their way in life influencing others such as
      politicians, religious types and others are generally aware of this
      psychological demonstration of themselves and choose their words
      carefully. I knew what the word "loser" meant before I was out of my
      teens. Generally speaking... "fool", credulous fool, persistant
      credulous fool, eh? And some people are, persist, or insist on being
      like this, it's true. But, it's one thing to use words like "loser",
      and "sheep" (some people are "sheep" too) in private conversation
      and it's another to put them in print, publish them, and distribute
      the material. Particularly when it's your "job" to secure or
      maintain the confidence of the people you're describing and at least
      nominally to try to make some presentation of harmony and
      practicality to the public, or general reader. I don't know about
      you, but for me this brings to mind another perjorative one learns
      as a teen or preteen. That would be, "lamebrain".
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