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992From a.r.e. - a genuine question to detractors

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  • ctecvie
    Jan 2, 2006
      Hello all,

      this was posted today on a.r.e. - quite an interesting topic I
      think ...

      Happy 2006 to all posters,

      A genuine question to detractors.
      by "Brian Fletcher" <brianf88@[EMAIL PROTECTED] > Jan 2, 2006 at
      01:04 PM

      To those of you who joined and left, were you disappointed that you
      experience what you expected?

      If you believe the whole org is/was a sham, do you believe there is
      such a

      state of enlightenment achievable in this life?

      If so, how do you expect it to happen?

      If not, what beliefs (not labels per se) do you feel strongly about.

      you describe your affinity as belief, or based on an epiphany?

      Asked in the spirit of (hopefully) constructive dialogue.


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