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988A New Link Is Up - Hidden Mystery Schools... Including Eckankar! LOL !

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  • prometheus_973
    Jan 1, 2006
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      Hello All,

      I was surfing the net and found this very strange, but interesting
      site. This "I AM UNIVERSITY" has information on a number of psychic
      and "spiritual" topics and religious groups including Eckankar!
      There is even an Ascended Master named "El Morya" that looks like
      Twitchell's last Master Rebazar Tarzs (Kirpal Singh). Go to the SITE
      MAP and explore some of these areas. There is even information on
      Soul Travel! What I found very interesting is that one can see where
      Twitchell got much of his information and how easy it is to copy
      from these various sources and "compile" it all while using one's
      imagination to create their own religion (and vocation)!

      Enjoy looking at the info, but be cautious of the cult/scam factor
      and take this hodge-podge of psychic/spiritual mumbo jumbo with a
      grain of salt!


      p.s. On the wheel Eckankar is located between Druids and African
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