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958Those Nasty Eck Guidelines!

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 18, 2005
      Hi Ingrid,
      It seems that this Eckist doesn't understand his place in the
      hierarchy. Under the RESA structure one must be a team member and
      follow the rules (spoken and unspoken), know the Mahanta's mission,
      but especially comply with the written guidelines. Does he know
      there are even guidelines for postering? I was quite an enthusiastic
      vahana at one time, but eventually mellowed when I continuously saw
      the overwhelming flaws. How could such flaws exist in H.I. chelas
      and the Eckankar org if this was the highest spiritual path in all
      of the universes of Sugmad?! This was very confusing, didn't make
      sense, and caused me a lot of conflict! This chela (a 4th?) will
      never be trusted with a higher initiation if he cannot work within
      or understand the RESA structure. The standards are much stricter
      for today's Eckists than in the past. However, this is the big
      problem with Eckankar... all of those old timer H.I.s that reject
      the Guidelines! I don't blame them! Eckankar has become very
      controlling, narrow of focus, and a top heavy business (religion)!
      And, that glass ceiling of initiation (the 7th) is starting to show
      more cracks! LOL!


      Ingrid wrote:

      Today, we met an eckist who has brought quite some members to
      Eckankar. He is confused, too, because he has been a member for 24
      years now and really has done more than his share - but still no 5th
      initiation. The thing is that he isn't very complying to the
      guidelines, has never sent in any initiation reports and such. He
      knows that he doesn't fit and that this is why. He was excluded from
      vahana work by the resas. He said that some months ago, he had seen
      that a postering workshop was planned and asked himself why he was
      not asked because that was what he had been doing for 20 years or
      so. Well, he is still very much into the "higher/lower/master"
      stuff, but we have given him the website address for background
      information about Eckankar.

      The Eckist I spoke of wanted to know in one sentence what Ford's
      book was all about. No way to tell him in one sentence! It's even
      not possible to describe Eckankar in one sentence. I finally broke
      it down to "I can have all the love and protection I need without
      the mahanta".

      They are still stuck in that higher/lower thinking. Just as this
      Eckist said that a certain tincture he is making comes from
      the "highest and purest" source. I told him that it was highest and
      purest because his heart was in it. So weird, at least for me, to
      think that there is a "highest" out there whereas we can find it in
      our own heart if we are pure and honest!

      Happy Holidays to all, too!

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