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955Re: No wonder Harold did a lot of editing!

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  • mishmisha9
    Dec 17, 2005
      Hi, Leigh!

      Proof of this confusion is readily seen in the posts by eckists on
      the non-official eck chat sites--if you care to check out Chela Chat
      and Hu Chat. They seem to have a problem agreeing about what is
      meant in the teachings! As for karma, eckists, instead of getting
      rid of it, seem to rope more and more of it in, because they feel
      they have to deal with certain situations/relationships instead of
      saying "I pass." LOL! Many struggle hanging in unhealthy
      relationships because they are looking for the higher meaning of it
      all--and try to make something work that is too badly broken to
      begin with. I believe that eckists are taught to be delusional more
      than any other thing and this is what they are "learning from the
      teachings!" LOL! Too bad they won't read Ford Johnson's
      book "Confessions of a God Seeker" so that a light bulb might be
      turned on in their muddled minds. It's really sad. This also applies
      to those former eckists who continue to cling to the "truths" they
      learned in eckankar--they still want to believe that they evolved
      because of those special eck teachings! The truth is (IMO) that they
      will not evolve until they let go of this delusional eck thinking--
      and until they accept the fact they were duped by the
      false/deceptive teachings in eckankar, these individuals will also
      continue to operate in a delusional state of consciousness
      and remain stuck, much like the eckists who remain trapped in
      eckankar right now.

      Happy Holidays to you too, and of course to everyone else who
      participates by posting and/or reading here!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "l2eigh"
      <lgrif@m...> wrote:
      > Hi Mish:
      > Oh, I certainly agree that "confusing" and "confusion"
      > up the heart of Eckankar. The dangerous thing is to "settle down"
      > (accept this), to become peaceful and content, carrying this nest
      > emptines and meaninglessness inside you.
      > Incidentally, happy holidays to you and everyone on this
      > list.
      > Leigh
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "mishmisha9"
      > <mishmisha9@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi, Leigh!
      > >
      > > The word "confusing" is the key to keeping eckists in the org.
      > > Everything is kept mysterious and secret which creates the
      > > confusion. The confusion is justified and deemed okay because it
      > is
      > > just part of the teachings. When the chela advances, he will
      > > understand better. Yada, yada! The confusion is just an
      > > that the chela has not advanced enough to "know." So, this
      > validates
      > > the quite "normal" confusion which in turn makes the chela feel
      > that
      > > all is right with the teachings in eckankar. The confusion helps
      > to
      > > control those who question. As to Twitchell's books
      > > well, truly eckists should wonder why they are not available
      > It
      > > would seem that Twitchell's total writings would be of great
      > > interest and important to the present day teachings in eckankar.
      > > Certainly something is "rotten in Denmark!"
      > >
      > > Mish
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