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952Little Harry Klemp does a lot of editing!

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 17, 2005
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      Hi Ingrid and All,
      It seems Klemp can do and say anything without having it questioned
      by Eckists. But, that's what has always made Eckankar a cult! Klemp
      eliminates and edits Twitchell's original material while only
      sharing shallow, common place, embellished, or contradicting
      accounts of perceived "spiritual" wisdom.

      In Klemp's 2005 EWWS talk he states, "Enthusiasm is infectious.
      People respond. Missionary work is fun." Yet this is from a person
      who has been employed by Eckankar for 35 years! It's been part of
      his paid job to do missionary work. So once again... talk is a cheap
      commodity for Little Harry. Besides, aren't Eckists supposed to be
      neither for or against anything? Does "enthusiasm" depict detachment
      or contentment? Or, do Eckists just demonstrate or act "as if" they
      have enthusiasm, as well as, love in their hearts?!

      It's funny that Klemp found out that some people at the local Unity
      Church referred to him as "Big" Harry, and he in turn flipped that
      to compare himself to the mythological coal mining hero of "Big"
      John. But I see him more as the mythological thief of "Little" John
      who helped Robin Hood to rob the rich and give to the poor. Instead,
      however, the irony is that Klemp is not a physically large or strong
      man as Little John was, and that Klemp steals from the poor Eckists
      to make himself rich! Therefore, I have thus crowned Shree Klemp as
      Little Harry!

      Ingrid wrote:

      Hello Prometheus,

      Prometheus wrote:
      It does seem strange that the founder of Eckankar (and modern day
      prophet/savior), Paul Twitchell, doesn't have all of his books
      available for sale from the religion that he created! Paul must be
      spinnibg in his grave, or was he cremated? How disappointed he must
      be in little Harry Klemp! All of that Eck donation money for guilted
      staircases and such, but none left to reprint the historical
      beginnings and wisdom of such an advanced spiritual path! <sigh>

      Ingrid: Little Harry wanted the temple to last till eternity - so
      maybe he thought some gold couldn't hurt! Perhaps he wanted to set a
      monument for himself, in stone, marble, gold and the like! This is
      better as books because books can get lost quite easily -
      discontinue them, burn them, discredit them ... whatever.

      *****I think your're correct! Klemp built a monument to himself! How
      could any future LEM/Mahanta deny, edit, or delete this? Hmmmmm.
      Actually, in time Klemp's material, reputation, and works could be
      seen in its true light and easily be reduced to nothing of substance.

      Prometheus: What could be the reasons for Not offering these books?
      Is it true that some of the Paul's early writings might Not "fit"
      perfectly with today's consciousness? But wouldn't Christians want
      to read every word that Jesus had spoken?! Then again, maybe some
      Christian leaders wouldn't want every thought and word of Jesus's
      shared with the world. What would these leaders fear? That the
      wisdom wouldn't apply to the modern world or that people would just
      be confused by unfiltered and unedited wisdom. Maybe the thought
      would be, Why create more confusion for people? Maybe little Harry
      is thinking, Why create more confusion for Eckists? Actually, Klemp
      is saving Eckists from the truth about Twitchell, and the scam of
      Eckankar. For Eckists, ignorance really is bliss! Besides, little
      Harry would be out of a high paying job with great perks if Eckists
      figured it all out too soon!

      Ingrid: Yeah - I think PT said things that would not be consistent
      with the course Eckankar is steering today - and this could be
      embarrassing for the leaders (by the way is it Little Harry Himself
      or rather Peter Skelskey who is steering the Eckankar boat?). And
      imagine how embarrassing it would be if suddenly the original
      version of "Letters to Gail" came up! LOL!

      *****It could be that Joan is doing more steering than Peter! Peter
      is just waiting in the wings and being a yes man and lap dog for
      now. The question for Little Harry and Joan is, Who can be trusted
      Not to do to Klemp that Klemp did to Gross?!

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