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949Re: No wonder Harold did a lot of editing!

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 16, 2005
      Hi Mish,

      It does seem strange that the founder of Eckankar (and modern day
      prophet/savior), Paul Twitchell, doesn't have all of his books
      available for sale from the religion that he created! Paul must be
      spinnibg in his grave, or was he cremated? How disappointed he must
      be in little Harry Klemp! All of that Eck donation money for guilted
      staircases and such, but none left to reprint the historical
      beginnings and wisdom of such an advanced spiritual path! <sigh>

      What could be the reasons for Not offering these books? Is it true
      that some of the Paul's early writings might Not "fit" perfectly
      with today's consciousness? But wouldn't Christians want to read
      every word that Jesus had spoken?! Then again, maybe some Christian
      leaders wouldn't want every thought and word of Jesus's shared with
      the world. What would these leaders fear? That the wisdom wouldn't
      apply to the modern world or that people would just be confused by
      unfiltered and unedited wisdom. Maybe the thought would be, Why
      create more confusion for people? Maybe little Harry is thinking,
      Why create more confusion for Eckists? Actually, Klemp is saving
      Eckists from the truth about Twitchell, and the scam of Eckankar.
      For Eckists, ignorance really is bliss! Besides, little Harry would
      be out of a high paying job with great perks if Eckists figured it
      all out too soon!


      mishmisha wrote:

      The word "confusing" is the key to keeping eckists in the org.
      Everything is kept mysterious and secret which creates the
      confusion. The confusion is justified and deemed okay because it is
      just part of the teachings. When the chela advances, he will
      understand better. Yada, yada! The confusion is just an indication
      that the chela has not advanced enough to "know." So, this validates
      the quite "normal" confusion which in turn makes the chela feel that
      all is right with the teachings in eckankar. The confusion helps to
      control those who question. As to Twitchell's books disappearing,
      well, truly eckists should wonder why they are not available now. It
      would seem that Twitchell's total writings would be of great
      interest and important to the present day teachings in eckankar.
      Certainly something is "rotten in Denmark!"

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