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921Re: ZOHAR AND SEPHER more Eck fiction by Twitchell

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 2, 2005
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      Garbage in garbage out... should be the motto for Eckists! When one
      has lied and "stretched the truth" since childhood, as Twitchell
      had, there is little chance or hope for a change or improvement in
      either the deviant behaviour or lack of ethics. Lying becomes both a
      game (to bolster ego) and an addiction. Eckists should ask
      themselves if some of Twitchell's distortions and embellishments of
      truth have (unknowingly to them) polluted the base foundation of
      their Eck belief system. This is probably why Eckists (even some
      former Eckists) are having difficulties and conflicts within and
      without the Eckankar hierarchy. The subconscious mind, as well as
      Soul, recognize the contradictions, distortions, and the control
      methods used in the Eck literature and by Klemp. This is why Eckists
      have to force themselves, through the fear, guilt, and uneasy
      thoughts and feelings to act and speak as they're told.

      p.s. I found both your posts very interesting and informative.

      eckchains wrote:

      Hello Misha, (Hello all)

      I see what you mean about how honesty is really the easier road in
      that you just feel better. It takes a lot of effort really to be
      dishonest, IMO. That is why down through history the tyrants and
      psychopaths usually end up crashing and burning. In some cases they
      may just get tired of the false facade and it is such a relief to
      finally just admit to their lies. Many just become grossly insane.
      (how punny! LOL) Some do change and choose a path of honesty,
      although it is sometimes easier said than done. A lot of it depends
      on our life experiences and how we have been conditioned to behave
      or believe. I read somewhere that a true spirituality or just living
      the good life, involves a series of unmasking or openning to our
      true self as we are in process. Unfortunately, IMO, there are
      external cultural circumstances that can make the way of honesty
      more difficult. That is part of why we choose to be anonymous in
      this group, but this also allows us to be more honest. Well, now I'm
      starting to feel like I'm rambling.

      This group is really turning out well. I really am grateful for all
      the insightful posts from everyone, and the research and discussion.
      This kind of exchange of ideas etc. is so helpful.


      Freefrom: "It takes guts and courage to be honest."

      Mish: You know I think we BELIEVE "it takes guts and courage to be
      honest." But in truth, it is the much easier road to take! 1.
      Standing up and admitting a mistake often surprises people and they
      appreciate the honesty, so it is the best way to diffuse a
      misunderstanding or an error in behavior, etc. 2. For myself, I feel
      much better being honest than trying to live a lie!

      Freefrom: "Those who stay with eckankar are still stuck in the herd
      mentality, like sheep. It's a kind of self-deception and false

      Mish: Looking for security in our beliefs or even trying to find a
      base for our spiritual beliefs, yes, we can end up with the "herd
      mentality." And in eckankar, if you weren't a sheep to begin with,
      you become exactly that with all the fears and controls that keep
      chelas manipulated and trapped in the org! One gets in so deep that
      one fears leaving, and will fight to the bitter end to hold onto the
      brass ring! : )

      mishmisha wrote:

      Hi, Freefrom and All!

      Good posts on this topic. Freefrom, you have really stated it
      succinctly and zoned in on the key reasons people are drawn into
      such deceptions as in Eckankar!

      "Freefrom" eckchains wrote:

      LOL Yes, I agree. It's the old, it's too absurd to be true, so
      therefore it must be true! How could someone have made all of this
      stuff up? No one would be so dishonest as to just make all of this
      stuff up, right? Wrong. Let's face it, the ability to lie and
      act "as if" is a very human trait.

      Mish: It's called being creative and imaginative! LOL! Dreams are
      real, etc. Dreams can be real, but yet we must discern and
      discriminate in figuring out what is garbage and what is not.
      Eckists seem to want to "live" their dreams, and will make decisions
      solely based on what they "perceive" on the inner. Well, one must be
      careful here . . . The problem with falling for dishonest people's
      spills is that we want to believe that people are truthful and
      honest at heart and would not be out to take advantage of us or
      cause us harm. A person like PT probably thought that his lies would
      not be that harmful (criminal) to those he duped, so why not? Big
      lie vs. little lie; big harm vs. little harm--and of course, if
      people are dumb/foolish enough to believe this crap, well why not--
      it is the listener's responsibility to not be deceived, etc.

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