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910More On Klemp's 2005 EWWS Talk

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  • prometheus_973
    Nov 28, 2005
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      Hello All,

      This quote is once again from Peter Anton's seminar notes found on
      the HU-Chat BB.

      HK: "'Seekers are heart people, so use heart methods to find them.'

      Love methods or heart methods, where you love what you do.

      Enthusiasm is infectious. People respond. Missionary work is fun.

      You will find people who are alive, like you.

      Birds of a feather flock together. A good way to be a Vahana."

      Me: So seekers are emotional, mindless, and Astral in nature, but
      loving as well?! So what "heart" methods are needed to find seekers?
      Maybe cute little emotional stories that by-pass common sense and
      reason are needed. And, it would help if people didn't ask too many
      questions about how the Eckankar hierarchy works!

      Also, Eckists have to "love" being a Vahana, or at least act like
      they do! Climbing the initiation ladder in Eckankar requires a lot
      of acting "as if" you enjoy hours of volunteering, are always happy
      and loving. Remember... Soul is a happy entity... so act like it. Or
      else, someone will make note of it when your name comes up on that

      "Enthusiasm is infectious... missionary work is fun... people will
      respond!" Are Eckists to act giddy?! Yes, people will respond, but
      not always in the way Eckists expect or would like. It's all very
      illusionary and time consuming. It also drains one's private
      resources. Only the newer brain-dead wanna-bees and older RESA or
      8th Initiate wanna-bees are buying into this hype... to a point! The
      time wasted on dozens of intros and book discussions, and all kinds
      of other crap, is never realized with more than one or two new
      members. It all amounts to a lot of "busy work" as both a training
      and elimination process (for higher positions and initiations), but
      also as a means to keep track of individuals and to give people a
      sense of purpose and value within the Eck hierarchy. Instead of
      Eckists living life... their Eck (Vahana) life lives them!

      When Klemp says, "You will find people who are alive, like you.
      Birds of a feather flock together". . is he also talking about
      initiation levels? What does a Fifth Initiate have in common with a
      non-Eckist? If a non-Eckist is a "bird of a feather" with a Fifth
      then what spiritual value does the Fifth Initiation have? Zero!
      Wouldn't the real "birds of a feather" be those in one's circle of
      initiation/consciousness? But, since there are No real initiations
      or circles then I can see why long time and high ranked Eckists
      are "birds of a feather" with non-Eckists. They are on more of an
      even level of consciousness with new seekers than they could ever
      dare conceive!

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