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846Re: Klemp states: Love, except for relationships, is not needed much

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  • christel_heine2003
    Nov 2, 2005
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      hallo, Prometheus,
      where in Eckankar works is written, that "God and Allah are only as
      Fourth Initiate's"?
      is't in Eckankar Lexicon too?
      thank you christel

      <prometheus_973@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Liz,
      > Eckankar sees God and Allah (at best) as 4th Plane dieties! Both
      > and Allah are on the same level of consciousness as is a Fourth
      > Initiate in Eckankar! Therefore, Darrell Johnson's comments about
      > Klemp seeing himself as the "Son of God" is rather understated.
      > Klemp uses "common language" as a means to decieve the public. When
      > Klemp uses the term "God" he is actually referring to SUGMAD. And
      > Klemp defines the Mahanta as being the incarnation of SUGMAD
      > (pg.130, Eckankar Lexicon). In Eckankar the Higher Initiations
      > with the Fifth Plane Initiations. An Eckist with the Fifth
      > Initiation is Higher than God and Allah! Therefore Jesus and
      > Mohammed (and all others) are seen as even lower in consciousness
      > than those Eckists on the Fourth Plane! Yet, Klemp even quotes from
      > the Christian Bible to further decieve the public of the real dogma
      > and beliefs of Eckankar. If any Eckist would deny this they are
      > either a newer Eckist, don't read much or lack awareness, or they
      > are lying!
      > Prometheus
      > Elizabeth wrote:
      > Prometheus wrote:
      > The following Klemp quote was taken from HU-Chat, an "unofficial"
      > Eckankar Yahoo Group Site
      > <snipped>
      > Harold's quote:
      > "You never really know your spouse. Love is for relationships.
      > Otherwise you don't need it much. Relationships between people and
      > between people and animals.
      > <snipped>
      > *** My comments:
      > While reading from a.r.e. this morning I came across a recent
      > by leaf. I snipped a paragraph below that stood out for me.
      > I find it interesting that Harold spoke at the recent WW; "You
      > really know your spouse. Love is for relationships. Otherwise you
      > don't need it much." I wonder if Harold has read the below repost,
      > which was originally posted by Darrell Johnson, Ford Johnson's
      > brother on April 22nd 2004 titled "Eckankar Spiritual Leader Claims
      > Title of Son of God" located at
      > http://environment.news.prweb.com/releases/2004/4/prweb120175.htm
      > Does Eckankar Still Work For The Eckist?
      > <snipped>
      > Do you know the truth about that religion or path?
      > Much like a personal relationship filled with love and devotion,
      > it "works" for both partners when it is based on trust 3/4 truth
      > and love. However, if one partner is unfaithful or has been
      > dishonest about fundamental issues, a relationship that may appear
      > to pass all the tests cannot do so without fundamental compromises
      > once the deception, the lies and the dishonesty is finally
      > So, the questions that comprise this test presuppose that an
      > affirmative response is based on knowing the real history of the
      > religion and what it represents.
      > *** So Harold's comment seems clear now.... Create that question
      > of doubt and suspicion in the members minds about their loved one,
      > in turn create a stronger reliance on the LEM / Mahanta. You can
      > only trust the Mahanta..... so I wonder how many fanatical eckies
      > went home with this quote playing over and over in their minds?
      > Returning home they have been implanted with another brainwashing
      > techneque, complete love and reliance on that Mythical God Man....
      > Love is for relationships, otherwise you don't need it ["LOVE"]
      > much? Seems BIG Harry has been the unfaithful one in his
      > relationships.... and who really needs him? ;-) NOT ME
      > Liz
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