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843Re: Klemp states: Love, except for relationships, is not needed much

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  • prometheus_973
    Nov 1, 2005
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      Hi Liz,

      Eckankar sees God and Allah (at best) as 4th Plane dieties! Both God
      and Allah are on the same level of consciousness as is a Fourth
      Initiate in Eckankar! Therefore, Darrell Johnson's comments about
      Klemp seeing himself as the "Son of God" is rather understated.
      Klemp uses "common language" as a means to decieve the public. When
      Klemp uses the term "God" he is actually referring to SUGMAD. And
      Klemp defines the Mahanta as being the incarnation of SUGMAD
      (pg.130, Eckankar Lexicon). In Eckankar the Higher Initiations begin
      with the Fifth Plane Initiations. An Eckist with the Fifth
      Initiation is Higher than God and Allah! Therefore Jesus and
      Mohammed (and all others) are seen as even lower in consciousness
      than those Eckists on the Fourth Plane! Yet, Klemp even quotes from
      the Christian Bible to further decieve the public of the real dogma
      and beliefs of Eckankar. If any Eckist would deny this they are
      either a newer Eckist, don't read much or lack awareness, or they
      are lying!


      Elizabeth wrote:

      Prometheus wrote:

      The following Klemp quote was taken from HU-Chat, an "unofficial"
      Eckankar Yahoo Group Site


      Harold's quote:
      "You never really know your spouse. Love is for relationships.
      Otherwise you don't need it much. Relationships between people and
      between people and animals.


      *** My comments:
      While reading from a.r.e. this morning I came across a recent repost
      by leaf. I snipped a paragraph below that stood out for me.

      I find it interesting that Harold spoke at the recent WW; "You never
      really know your spouse. Love is for relationships. Otherwise you
      don't need it much." I wonder if Harold has read the below repost,
      which was originally posted by Darrell Johnson, Ford Johnson's
      brother on April 22nd 2004 titled "Eckankar Spiritual Leader Claims
      Title of Son of God" located at


      Does Eckankar Still Work For The Eckist?


      Do you know the truth about that religion or path?

      Much like a personal relationship filled with love and devotion,
      it "works" for both partners when it is based on trust 3/4 truth 3/4
      and love. However, if one partner is unfaithful or has been
      dishonest about fundamental issues, a relationship that may appear
      to pass all the tests cannot do so without fundamental compromises
      once the deception, the lies and the dishonesty is finally revealed.
      So, the questions that comprise this test presuppose that an
      affirmative response is based on knowing the real history of the
      religion and what it represents.

      *** So Harold's comment seems clear now.... Create that question
      of doubt and suspicion in the members minds about their loved one,
      in turn create a stronger reliance on the LEM / Mahanta. You can
      only trust the Mahanta..... so I wonder how many fanatical eckies
      went home with this quote playing over and over in their minds?
      Returning home they have been implanted with another brainwashing
      techneque, complete love and reliance on that Mythical God Man....

      Love is for relationships, otherwise you don't need it ["LOVE"]
      much? Seems BIG Harry has been the unfaithful one in his
      relationships.... and who really needs him? ;-) NOT ME

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