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74Hi Prometheus:

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  • l2eigh
    May 8, 2005
      Now, here's an example of why reading
      and posting is a good thing. I
      knew that Betty and Mario lived in Canada but I didn't know Betty had
      some kind of
      leadership role in the HCS. Incidentally, how do you learn this
      stuff, like Betty's being a
      HCS rep., M.C.-ing at their "gatherings" and so on? You must be
      plugged into some
      interesting stuff yourself.
      I don't have an anti-T.V. or
      anti-internet bias and didn't mean to make
      that impression. I've watched T.V. for fifty years and still do. I
      was just trying to make the
      point about both T.V. and the "net" that "what you see, is what you
      get" and no one's
      obligated to believe any of it or to make a personal investment in it
      that may bring about
      for them feelings of hurt, umbrage, betrayal, or whatever.
      F. Johnson's book was a firebomb for
      Eckankar and I think his
      "uncovering" material is the best body of it in one place on the
      'net. But beyond that, I
      thought it was crazy, including his own point of view and his attempt
      to firebomb
      Christianity and the Surat/Shabda yogas. And consider the trigger for
      him blowing his own
      brains out so publicly all over the place - Graham Forsyth's journal.
      Now there's an
      unstable piece of information if I ever saw one. F.J. supposedly is
      readying a second book
      of his own for publication. I expect this will explain "where he's
      at" and where he's going,
      or intends to go. It's not something I'm interested in or any
      direction I want to go in, but
      I'll post where I see someone expressing an interesting point of view
      and I don't think
      everyone whose posted to his sites is nuts or a "Fordi". And they
      also aren't the only sites
      on the 'web, either. I suppose I was just trying to make the point as
      well not to necessarily
      try to find a "home" in a group on the outside or in cyberspace.
      Particularly in cyberspace
      where people use pseudonames, use a variety of pseudonames, cross
      post to themselves
      and others as a variety of personalities, personalities of different
      genders expressing
      different types of viewpoints, and all sorts of wild things.
      Best wishes,
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