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733Eckankar is a Fourth (Mental) Plane Religion

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 6, 2005
      Hi All,

      Twitchell created Eckankar based on the teachings of other religions
      that Eckankar views as 4th (Mental) Plane religions.

      I was talking to an Eckist friend a few months ago and she told me
      that she didn't have a problem with Twitchell's plagiarisms and with
      him borrowing things from other religions. She said that we all
      borrow and use things from various sources and Twitchell was no
      different. Interesting way to create a religion, but what made a
      hodge-podge of these sources into the "highest teaching" in all of
      the universes of SUGMAD? LOL!

      I started thinking about this recently and thought about how
      Eckankar views Jesus and his "Father" (God). Jesus was supposedly
      the incarnation of God who resides on either the *2nd Astral or 4th
      Mental Plane. Whereas... Twitchell, Gross, and Klemp claimed to be
      the Mahanta incarnations of SUGMAD and 14th Plane or higher!
      However, why are so many of the Eck teachings based on 4th Plane
      religions when Klemp claims to be so much "higher" in consciousness?
      [*Eckankar views some religions that it judges emotional (Astral) as
      being 2nd Plane religions.]

      The Five Passions of the Mind and Five Virtures are altered for the
      western spiritual seeker and "borrowed" by Twitchell for use as part
      of the Eckankar teachings. This is just one example, of duplication,
      that Twitchell used to create Eckankar. The spin that is put on this
      is that these other religions got this from the Eck or from
      Eckankar. But, this is just more of the flip-flop spin and deception
      that Twitchell began to use and that Klemp has continued.

      This example shows just one of the Fourth Plane connections that
      Eckankar has with Radasoami and Sant Mat.

      "The Path of the Masters" by Julian P. Johnson
      Page 362 Passions and their Remedies (Virtures):

      KAM (LUST)...*[Shil]...Chastity, continence

      KRODH (ANGER)...[Kshama]...Forgiveness, tolerance

      LOBH (GREED)...[Santosha]...Contentment

      MOH (ATTACHMENT)...*[Viveka]...Discrimination AND

      AHANKAR (EGO; PRIDE)...[Dinta]...Humility

      Page 73 Eckankar Lexicon
      The Five Passions of the Mind...The Five Virtures:


      KRODHA (ANGER)...[KSHAMA]...forgiveness, tolerance

      LOBHA (GREED)...[SANTOSHA]...contentment



      *Twitchell changed the remedy or virture for LUST to fit the western
      seeker. Twitch took the first of two remedies for ATTACHMENT, which
      was DISCRIMINATION, and uses this for the virture for LUST. Chastity
      and continence were completely eliminated!

      p.s. Isn't it interesting that in the 1966 Illuminated Way Letters
      that Twitchell never mentions Rebazar Tarzs or the Mahanta. Yet,
      Twitchell is supposedly the L.E.M. and at least a 12th Initiate! Who
      initiated him? He was still corresponding with Kirpal Singh during
      this time. Actually, the Mahanta was never mentioned by P.T. until
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