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730star students

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  • jjamie1977
    Oct 6, 2005
      recently there was a post which quoted hk. hk said that he would make
      chelas start all over on the first initiation level if they left the
      group, then wanted to come back. this reminded me so much of an
      experience i had:

      some years ago i taught grade school for a while. it can be difficult
      to manage a classroom full of kids (kinda like herding cats), so i
      went to the seasoned teacher next door for advice. she said she used
      the star system. at the end of each day she gave a star to any
      student who had done her bidding during the day. when a student got
      ten stars in a row, she elevated them to the 'star student' category,
      and put their names on a big decorated poster.

      i asked what the kids got when they made the star student list. she
      said, "they dont get anything but the pleasure of being on the list,
      and the satisfaction of being better than the kids who arent on the
      list. if they dont get a star one day, they are taken off the star
      list, and have to start all over and get ten again. it just kills
      them to have to start all over. hehe."