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  • prometheus_973
    May 8, 2005
      Welcome to the site,

      I'm sorry I haven't posted to you sooner, but life has many
      distractions/lessons. I agree with Mish on the subject of the
      Eckankar/HCS connection. I've posted on HCS too! And, Betty H. does
      represent the leadership of HCS. She is Ford's Canadian
      Representative, tne Youth and Creative Arts Rep., writes for the HCS
      Newsletter, and she speaks and MCs at the HCS "Gatherings." And,
      Mario is her husband. So, it is no assumption that these two (or at
      least Betty) are in leadership positions. This fact makes it
      difficult for Ford to be even-handed with the way they are treated
      in regard to others. Or, maybe it's not so difficult for Ford to tip
      the balance of the scales toward Betty and Mario's point of view!
      It's possible that Ford's Umbrella (i.e. Circus Tent) Policy is
      intentionally indiscreet and irresponsible! However, too much
      freedom allows some individuals to corrupt and mislead. And, Betty
      and Mario are overbearing with their views (and lengths of posts)
      and both lack the ability to discuss differing perspectives. They
      only parrot what they have read from books or Internet sites.
      Therefore, they are only expressing another's biased opinions! When
      using their own words they contradict themselves and have trouble
      connecting the dots which is to say that their critical thinking of
      piecing this information together is somewhat askewed (one
      dimensional) and lacks comprehension, insight, and discrimination.
      But, of course, that's my opinion.

      I have to agree with Mish again that I don't consider TV as a "great
      wasteland." Actually, when Mish used the expression "Vast Wasteland"
      it reminded me of the time I was a camerman for a locally produced
      TV show called Vast Wasteland. As I am writing this I'm
      also "watching" the Phillies and Cubs [baseball... (those instant
      replays are great!)] I also like certain shows like Medium, Joan of
      Arcadia, Monk, The Daily Show, The Amazing Race, Periot, Texas No-
      Limit Hold'em Poker, and several more! I definitely don't like
      commercials, which are getting longer, but this is how they pay for
      the programs. [Actually, some commercials are quite funny and
      clever] More TV shows are mentioning or showing the 'brand name' on
      items used by the characters in the scenes. It would be nice if this
      extra revenue made the commercials shorter, but that's like paying
      less in taxes... the advantage is seldom with the average consumer.

      Take Care and please post more. Your comments are very much welcomed.