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6839What's Happened to the Mahanta's Influence In Nigeria?

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  • prometheus_973
    May 12, 2014

      It was making me wonder about

      Klemp and his claims of Higher

      Consciousness and that of his

      H.I.s, and especially those very 

      special ones in Nigeria. Yes, these

      are HK's pride and joy and speaks

      of them all the time. Other ECKists

      seem envious of the faith that their

      Nigerian counterparts seem to have.

      When I heard of those school girls 

      being kidnapped by Boko Haram 

      or whatever the group is called it 

      made me wonder why the Mahanta 

      hadn't raised the Consciousness via

      his Nigerian ECKists! Aren't these

      ECKists supposed to be influencing 

      and creating a Higher Consciousness

      via HU Chants and the EWS?

      Yes or No? It's an easy enough

      question so where are the results

      of this in Nigeria? 

      It seems that Nigeria is one of the 

      most corrupt countries in Africa and 

      it's gotten worse (not better) since 

      Eckankar first established itself in 

      the region.

      I wonder if ECKists ever question

      what Klemp is actually accomplishing,

      here, on this 1st plane. Probably not!


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