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6831RE: The Hypocrisy of Klemp

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  • noneckchains
    Jan 15, 2014
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      Hi Prometheus,

      this is a really good post. It got me thinking about how easy it would be to do research or a study in which the HI's could document these meetings on the inner, and then compare notes. I remember some research on OBE's to see how verifiable the experience was with the physical reality. It wasn't too promising, if I remember correctly. I have had vivid, lucid dreams in which I was trying to read a book, but the pages kept blurring. The dream state (inner) is usually not literal and has a lot to do with symbolism and subtle meanings that are sometimes felt upon awakening and are elusive while dreaming. I like some of what Carl Jung says about the subject.

      And yes, klemp has nothing to do with we, more like his "me" controlling and interpreting for his flock of TRUE BELIEVERS. Light and Sound are really kind of limiting when you think about it. It seems like a true Mystical experience involves heightened multisensory awareness, and sometimes it is more about silence or the gap between thoughts..... a sense of Beauty....

      Non (-;\
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