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  • noneckchains
    Nov 10, 2013

      I wonder if that eckankar sign was put in the Argo movie just because there seems to be some kind of internet connection with the name eckankar and Iran. There is a Yahoo group named eckankarfarsibooks, and it appears that some of the eckankar books have been translated into farsi. Who is doing that and why? To the unaware in other countries, these books may initially arouse some interest. eckankar seems to have some deep roots in the Sikh religion ( Ek Onkar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikhism ) and as they say, Mohamudism, but not necessarily Islam. eckankar just is not anything authentic. It is an Americanized version of a bunch of stuff, like how Chinese or Mexican food in the US is not really that. Also, fanatics in any country in the world are drawn to eckankar because it is an Hierarchical Authoritarian Cult with a lot of potentially intoxicating ideas, for those who do not question their own experience, let alone the proclamations of others. They don't know about the fallacy of believing in your own projections as ultimate truth. Healthy doubt is a good thing and it doesn't necessarily take away from also experiencing the intuitive nature of our being, and the beauty of Nature and so on. 

      eckankar has morphed other religious Cults into something that is more desirable to the Westerners of how to reconcile issues around sex, strict vegetarianism, and other strictures that may seem like more freedom, yet is still bound by a false belief in a man who claims to be the highest state of consciousness incarnate in the world and Universe. It don't take much to turn someone into a fanatic in another country where life is hard and there is a sense of desperation, as well as a lack of resources to find out the truth about the eckankar fraud. I'll bet that whoever got that sign put up for a movie shoot was an eckist, and that the director and producers didn't know what it really meant. The word eckankar has a totally different meaning in India for example, and has been used in some Indian movie titles. Most are clueless about eckankar. There is just some Iranian fanatic concerning eckankar, and I am sure that klemp is quite happy to have such a person translating some of the eckankar books.

      It is interesting that the movie Argo is based on a fake scifi movie as the true plot of the true story.

      Non (-:\

      ---In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, <agent46@...> wrote:

      Who's really in charge of Eckankar?

      Good question. Let's go even deeper down the Rabbit Hole and ask some of the hard questions about government involvement in, and use of, religious cults in America. The CIA has a long history of using cults as a testing ground for ideas and methods - as a kind of farm for psychological/sociological experimentation and study. Also, historically the CIA has used religious missions as pipelines to, and cover for, access to different countries and populations. I always thought Klemp's farm metaphors for eckankar were a bit bizarre - but who knows? Maybe it really is what it is.

      Eckankar has shifted into new areas of specialty since Twitchell and Gross were kicked to the curb. Neuro-science, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, remote viewing, prosperity theology (new age version), Libertarian/Right Wing politics, authoritarianism, elitism, law and order mentality, active prison ministry programs, a secret push to establish an under-the-radar eckankar presence in every country.

      The big tell on this is the fact that eckankar has been featured prominently in two well-known Hollywood films so far: "Stone" - a badly written DOJ puff piece in which a prisoner joins eckankar and becomes a better person after witnessing a murder. The other film is a transparent CIA puff piece called "Argo" which is all about how the CIA uses Hollywood. And in one scene, the producers get cute by planting a gigantic 1970s style EK sign on a building just outside the studio gate.

      If you're an eckie, you believe Harji the magic mahanta is getting the message out by spiritually influencing his vehicles (tools/agents) in Hollywood in order to raise the consciousness of the audience. The more likely reasons for these movies getting made and using eckankar are more practical and probably have to do with social engineering and government money.

      If eckankar is being used as a behavior mod program for incarcerated criminals by the DOC, it stands to reason experiments are being conducted and stats being kept. Eckankar loves their PhD psychologists and NLP hypnotherapists these days, don't they?

      My guess is there's a contract or contracts with the DOJ and possibly the CIA. Aside from faithful volunteers, eckankar may even have feds on their payroll. Non-profits are required to give certain access to government agencies and when you look at it, eckankar really has become the perfect engineered religion for a corporate security state. They probably need a new age alternative to the corporate engineered evangelical fundie faith which is just about politically tapped out these days.

      There's a great deal more to all this so I'm just spit-balling it here, but these are questions that deserve more investigation.

      Keywords: ECKANKAR, ECK, EK, MAHANTA, SOUL TRAVEL, VAIRAGI, Paul Twitchell, Darwin Gross, Harold Klemp, New Age Religion, Religious Cult, Bright Future, Ex-Members, Gang Stalking, Gaslighting
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