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  • Janice Pfeiffer
    Nov 1, 2013
      If I had to do it over again, I would give anyone I cared about, who is mesmerized by eckankar, a copy of Ford Johnson's book, Confessions Of A God Seeker.  In it he exposes eckankar and a lot of other religions, for the fallacies they spread.  It's very interesting and it really tears the org and paul twitchell apart in exposing the lies and the deliberate misleading of new people.  They may hate you for it but if they do read it, they will have to see the truth because it is written by a hi who was high in eckankar and traveled extensively doing seminars for them.  It also shows the twisted and petty actions of the current lem as Ford relates what caused his split with the org.  It is a pity that these eckist can't see how they themselves are spreading hate in their effort to  spread the cult teachings.  I did meet some arrogant hi's but I never knew any that were forcing their beliefs on others. I think one of the reasons some might be so aggressive about it is because they too have doubts about the teachings but they won't admit it.  So they think if they can get enough people to believe it too, then it must be so.  If you do any research at all about the org, you have to see that it was made up for the purpose of making twitchell rich but he died before that happened.  This is what his second wife Gail said about it. In later years she sold her interest in the org and refused to have anymore to do with it.  It is amazing that eckist refuse to see the truth.  At this time, there are probably more sites on line that are anti eckankar than there are sites for it.  Maybe some of the stubbornness for holding on is just not being able to admit you've been duped by a deceitful org.  Once you begin to see it, it does make you feel stupid.  I do so admire the people who got to be hi's and who walked away.  I am sure that takes a great deal of strength to admit the truth to others after being in so long and raising up to higher levels.  The way I see it is those people always had more integrity than most eckist and eventually, it was their sense of integrity that lead them out of the org and their sense of integrity that causes them to want to help others become more comfortable walking away.  They were just too advanced for an org like that.  I comfort myself when I think about my time in the org by telling myself that they don't have the ability to hook many new people now.  The exposing of scientology  and some  other cults has put people on edge and so they have advanced warning about  them.  Honestly, for any eckist who wants to know the truth, it is all over the internet.  While the org uses the internet to try and grow their numbers, the exposure of what they are is there in even more abundance.  I am sorry for the relatives of eckist who are being hounded by them to accept, join and support the org.  I would be very angry also and I am afraid I would not do it with such grace as most of you seem to do.  I am wondering if they are being encourage to get more aggressive because of falling numbers.  If I were being harassed by a believing eckist, I would have to answer each assault with the truth about the org.  I would do it forcefully and continually until my loved ones either saw the truth or left me in peace about it.  They are only blind because they choose to be blind.  I just would not be abused for the sake of that rotten org no matter how much I loved the abusers.  It helps no one.  And Eck Chains is right; eckist do believe that once you have come into contact with the org, you are meant to serve it.  So many will say, "he is an eckist. He just doesn't know it yet".  Good luck to all of you in your struggles with believing eckist.  Take Care

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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] RE: What to do?
      I have the same problem, except it has been going on for decades and has actually gotten worse over the years. He has positioned himself as a H.I. with some influence in eckankar and is one of those "True Believers". Depending on your situation it can turn quite nasty. When I told him about some new books about eckankar, written by former very active "True Believers" of eckankar and of the inner circle, he freaked. If I sent him any email about the debacle that was happening, he accused me of sending him "hate mail", and it was as if someone was helping him respond with long responses, and once I opened up a reply and got a three dimensional graphic that looked at me and blinked. It looked a little like some kind of juvenile humanoid, balding and staring at me. That was really creepy. He has gone through periods where his visits are friendly, but at dinner, he would take out his wallet and for up to ten seconds show a picture of harold klemp, while he pretended to be looking for money or a credit card. This really pissed me off, but I usually just ignored it, except for one time when I started poke klemp in the face. 10 to 15 seconds of that crap can be too much to just ignore.

      There is something about the Kult mindset. They seem to feel justified in pushing their eck beliefs, actions and images in everything they do. He also had pictures of klemp attached to all of his luggage, or as a screen saver on his laptop etc. What bothered me the most, is when he started giving my aged mother eck books etc.knowing that she has severe dementia/Alzheimers. At any turn, he would try to do some vahanna stuff, usually indirect, yet very obvious. I used to think that he would eventually just grow out of it and change to just a typical New Ager, but that never happened. Instead, his periods of shunning and exclusion became the norm, to the point that now he will not even talk to me. He has his claws on my mother and she is too out of it to resist. She used to have no interest and even became somewhat nonreligious and outspoken. Not anymore. She has trouble remembering what day it is, or even if she has had something to eat yet that day, and claims that she no longer has to take medication anymore, even though there is a weeks worth of meds on the kitchen counter. He talked her into signing a financial power of attorney and so he also has control over how her money is spent and he will not share any information about anything.

      So, unfortunately, my advise is to not take anything for granted. Eckists believe that once you have come in contact with eckankar and the living eck master then you have reached the pinnacle of your spiritual evolution and your next step is to join and follow the eckankar teachings. They really can't stand it that someone would through away such a wonderful opportunity and risk being reincarnated as something less than who you are now, or even some astral hell, or whatever. They believe that all are eckists, but just don't know it yet.

      You can try your best to get along and hope for the best, and for you things may work out OK. Unfortunately, the "True Believer" eckist is really not to be trusted. Their main allegiance is to eckankar, and not to family or anyone else outside of that of the eckankar mindset, and emotionally stunted way of being.

      Good Luck and I hope nothing bad happens to you like it did to me.

      Non (-:\
      ---In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, <eckankarsurvivorsanonymous@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      Hi all! I am hoping you can give me some advice. My brother has been in Eckankar for several years now. Every so often, he tries to start a discussion with the purpose of converting me. It annoys me so much. Basically, I believe in live and let live. If my brother is very happy in Eckankar, well, whatever. But why does he have to push that at me? I keep saying no, no, no. And I have even read one of the Eck books (because he wanted me to, and I said ok, to get him off my back) and been to the ECK meeting and temple in MN (I was living in MN, and my father, who was visiting for the conference, strongly encouraged me to go). So it's not like I haven't given Eckankar a fair shot. But with him, I guess he is so frustrated with me, because he sees this thing as so wonderful, and if only I could get my sister to believe it...What can I say to him to get him to leave me alone? If you thought back to when you were in Eckankar, is there anything that anyone could have said (not to get you to change your point of view) but just to leave them alone to their [lack of] belief? Thanks for the help!
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