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6799RE: HK: Look For Signs via "Chance Encounters"

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 19, 2013

      I did have some info sent to me 

      and was offered it in PDF format.

      Here's the site for Difficulties Of

      Becoming The Living ECK Master:


      ---In eckankarsurvivorsanonymous@yahoogroups.com, <eckchains@...> wrote:

      Fascinating! Since the book is out of print, I wonder if it is possible to make it into a PDF book. I'd like to read this book, now that I know what it is really about.

      Non (-:\

      ---In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, <eckankarsurvivorsanonymous@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      IMO the only book of 

      Twitchell's that is worth 

      a read is: 

      "Difficulties Of Becoming 

      The Living ECK Master." 

      This book was published

      by Eckankar in 1980 and 

      compiled by Bernadine

      Burlin from Paul's early

      tapes donated by Patti 

      Simpson and Anya Foos-

      Graber. Three of the tapes

      were from interviews in

      June 1971.

      There are additional

      articles from "The Mystic

      World by Sri Paul Twitchell"

      (from Jan-Feb-March 1969 

      until his translation, death).

      Plus, "Some Chela Letters

      to Paulji."

      Additionally, Anya Foos-Garber

      made available the tapes of

      the last meeting Paul held

      with several devoted Initiates

      just hours before his translation.

      "The Last Words Of Sri Paul 

      Twitchell In Cincinnati" comprise

      excerpts of these tape transcripts. 

      It's an interesting book

      because Darwin Gross

      and company reported

      it as it was without doing

      the edits that Klemp is

      known for. One can catch

      Twitchell in a number of

      lies and in the interviews 

      he lets his guard down

      and is honest, at times,

      and this gives us some

      insight into his deceptiveness

      and narcissism. 

      Paul's account of his WWII 

      service where he brags

      about how he created

      chaos in order to get

      out of duty during wartime

      was a real eye opener

      and showed the extent 

      of Twitchell's megalomania.

      On page 48 we read about

      Twitchell's first meeting with

      970th LEM Sudar Singh (in

      Paris) at the age of "about 16"

      and of, supposedly, his first 

      trip to India. This would make 

      the date 1924 since even 

      Klemp has confirmed that 

      Twitchell was born in 1908. 

      It should be noted that even

      Klemp, on Eckankar's Internet

      site, pointed out that Twitchell

      was lying about having traveled

      anywhere far from home in 1935

      at age 27 when he was trying

      to get into "Who's Who in Kentucky."

      Thus, Twitchell being handed

      off to Rebazar for further training

      on two additional trips to India

      are lies as well. The trips to India

      and the Rebazar character are lies. 

      Therefore, the Initiations and the 

      Mastership which was handed to 

      Gross and to Klemp (by the fictitious 

      Rebazar) were/are lies too!  

      The lies of this trip with his 

      sister begin on page 38. Even

      ECKist Doug Marman has

      said that Twitchell deceived

      people about this trip since

      Paul's sister Katie (Kay-Dee)

      was studying art in Paris, KY.

      versus Paris, France. 

      Therefore, how could they

      have met Sudar (a.k.a. Kirpal)

      Singh and followed him

      to India for 10 months? 

      It's another lie and proves 

      that Eckankar is built upon 

      foundation of lies originating

      with Twitchell. 

      Anyway, lots of luck on 

      finding this book. Eckankar

      under Klemp bought up 

      and destroyed all available

      copies. I still have mine



      ---In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, <eckankarsurvivorsanonymous@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      are there any teachings ofpaul twitchell that are worth readingat all? I know harolds is fabricated.

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